Sunday, October 22, 2006

Yesterday, All the Boat Got Tarped in Just A Day

That subject line, for best effect, should be sung to the tune of The Beatles' ever famous 'Yesterday'. That is also how we spent our day yesterday....tarping the boat. Sounds like an easy enough task, right? Perhaps. But it always ends up taking longer than it should. And it is always a lot of work. Where are those dock boys when you really need them?

Just Hangin' Out

We started the day by visiting the storage to pick up the framing, and loading it into the car. The plan was to (1) remove any remaining important things from the boat....freezables, clothing, paper contents, and then (2) we would frame the boat so that we could get the cover on at a later time. Well, we, did all that stuff, and then the plan changed, because it was supposed to rain today (which it certainly is doing as I write this). Once the dodger and enclosure were removed, the cockpit was exposed to the elements, and we don't like that. So, we took the time to re-visit the storage place in order to pick up the winter cover (it's a heavy sucker). We arrived back at the boat, and started to sort things out. Because the cover weighs so much, we had it altered last year into two pieces. We then unroll the thing and figure out which is the fore piece and which is the aft piece (always fun). Once we got that done and got the thing up onto the boat, My Sweetie spent the remaining 5 hours adjusting, tugging, taping, tying, oh, and swearing I am sure (although I didn't exactly hear any of it).

The long and short of it was that the boat is snug for the winter. There are a couple of minor things to take care of (yeah right), but the biggest tasks are complete.

I missed my bloggie friends, although, if I had thought of it, I should have brought the laptop...there's wireless at the marina....duh!

Captain Peek-A-Boo


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS! We can almost see Mr. Sweetie! (Back view, again, but this time clothed!)

I'm exhausted just reading about the whole tarping exercise. I can see that the end of boating season means an end to fun and freedom and a day or more of curse-inducing wrestling with large swaths of plastic sheeting.

masgblog said...

Si...and Mr Sweetie is a shy lad....prefers to remain in the background, or hiding somewhere.

Unknown said...

YEsterday sure seemed like a very busy and hard day. Tomorrow will be even better eh?

masgblog said...

hey Calabar Gal...thx for stopping by....yes, tomorrow will surely be much better......hard work pays off they say...we'll see!

Barb said...

I bet all the hard work is worth it though! Tell hubby to stop being so shy.

masgblog said...

barb - he has this thing about having his image on the Internet