Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Those little labels

Labels. Those little things that identify brands. They're on everything that we buy, and a lot of those little labels I absolutely detest. But that needs clarifying.

Last night, while I was making dinner, I filled my time clipping the little labels from the tea towel and dish towel. Why? Because they bother me. The towels are now label-less, and hang in a much neater fashion. Some of the less interesting labels are worthy of the green bin, and that is where a lot of them go, once I get around to it.

But, some labels I really long as they are not messy, and as long as they hide away nicely when hanging on the towel rack. In our powder room, we have a couple of Nautica towels. I love Nautica. They have a really neat marketing scheme, whereby in the lower right hand corner of the towel, there is a small, inconspicuous, monogrammed N. To me, they are the Ralph Lauren of towels.

Aside from the visual aspect of labels, there is also the comfort aspect of labels. You know the ones. The ones that make you itch at the back of your neck, or at the side of your hip. Those labels get snipped away in a flash.

Now, of course, it is always a fashion statement to wear something with a little tag thingy stitched to a pocket, the back of a hood, or a gym shoe. It means something, a statement of something. Look at me....I paid a lot for this.

There is always the dreaded tag, sewn onto a mattress or a chair, that says DO NOT REMOVE THIS TAG OR FACE DEATH BY HANGING. So you rip it off anyway, and say TAKE THAT! We feel free, unattached, like the little tag heading for the green bin.

Wouldn't it be great to live in a label-less world? Monogrammed markings on items instead of detestable labels. No more clipping, and cutting, and fodder for landfill.

Ever notice that socks don't have labels?


Anonymous said...

I'm being scratched by a tag right now grrrr! (Goes wandering off looking for scissors...)

masgblog said...

off with its little head!

Miss Notesy said...

I'm with you!! I clip them all off the baby wash clothes. and really, whatsup the the mattress tags??

I'm glad your hubby got his blackberry back. That was clever of him!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Anonymous said...

I also hate the unsightly tags on dishtowels! And I clip off tags that itch... although this summer I wore a new shirt several times before remembering to remove the tiny plastic pouch with the spare button inside it...

masgblog said...

the wooden porch - thx! and no prob. I am going to visit your site more often. It's very clean.

tg - those plastic bags are unsightly too. Like the little button needs to be protected.