Friday, October 06, 2006

Burps, Hiccups, and Delights

Like the sign says (thx Moe!), it's Friday, so be sure and give that 5 percent! TGIF! It's been a very busy work week, and now it is time to enjoy the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, a long one at that.

TV viewing - It was a full week for me for non-reality TV, and my beloved PVR got a totally good workout:
  • America's Next Top Model
  • Survivor: Cook Islands
  • Amazing Race 10
  • The Bachelor Rome

  • Books - So, what else is left? Well, I finished one of my zillions of books on my reading list, and it was a good read. My Sweetie wants to read it when I am done, then it is up for grabs for anyone who wants it (part of the Blogger Book Club attempt). Serious! I started another book, and am halfway through that one. Speaking of books, check out today's post here (this is a link to a blog that I read on a daily basis, and I really enjoy) Skittle's Place

    Shopping - We ordered a new kitchen table set, and are going to pick up that up later today. Hope it will give the kitchen an uplift.

    Kitties - My cats are due to have their moment in the blog spotlight, so they will probably be in the spotlight over the weekend, once I transfer some pictures from my camera.

    I may be back here later...we'll see.


    Anonymous said...

    HEY! You got rid of your verification letters!!! *happy dance*

    Happy Thanksgiving to you & thanks for the shout-out =)

    masgblog said...

    *pictures of happy dance in my mind*

    I wish that everyone would abolish the verification word. It serves no purpose really.

    TY for the Thanksgiving wishes. It's nice to have a long weekend. I better get back down to continue my basement cleanup.