Monday, October 02, 2006

Tired Terms

My follow-up to the Driving Lessons is not ready yet, but I had this burning issue to offload. Here are some terms that I (and possibly others) tire of hearing:

  1. sounds like a plan

  2. I'm liking it

  3. walk the walk, talk the talk

  4. cutting edge

  5. it's all about the.....

  6. bleeding edge technology

  7. think outside the box

  8. value add

  9. win-win

  10. at the end of the day

  11. all on the same page

  12. singing from the same song sheet

  13. time is money

  14. we really lucked out

  15. cool

  16. I look to you to......

  17. it's a living breathing document...

  18. pushing the envelope

  19. on the radar screen

  20. here's the deal

  21. it's time to wake up and smell the coffee

  22. let me be clear on something

  23. it's a turnkey operation

  24. cookie cutter solution

  25. alrighty then

  26. same old, same old

  27. blah blah blah

  28. yada yada yada

  29. offload:-)


Anonymous said...

i mostly hate "going forward"...

masgblog said...

I where else would you go? Going backward? Not going anywhere?

Thx for the feedback.

latt├ęgirl said...

LOL! 10-11-23 are my favourites (meaning, sick of hearing.)

How 'bout: "step up to the plate"?

Or "own it"?

Those are Dr. Philisms.

"Closure" still irks.

"Survivors" and "victims of" should be lined up and shot.

masgblog said...

good ones. I agree too!

Anonymous said...

My roommate is fond of starting requests with the words, "I will ask you to..."

And it drives me INSANE. And the boy, too.

Think about it. It's not "would you please," or "could I ask you to"... it's I WILL.

She says that's how they say it in German. I don't much care. We're not in Germany anymore, Toto.

masgblog said...

That would drive me insane too. Iguess that phrased could be used as in I will ask you to p*&s off. eh?

Anonymous said...

Oh, you bet. lol

Anonymous said...

What a list! Ya know.. I say some of those. Hmmm =)

masgblog said...

We all say some of them...including the Author of this post....ahem.

Anonymous said...

Ooh....more buzz words

Pre packaged analytics
Delivers visibility
Pull the data
Cashier accountability
Stike rate
Scaling this business
Hosted analytics

More I'm sure.....

masgblog said...

push the data
push the envelope