Saturday, October 07, 2006

It's about time (full circle)

Oh my. This is such a tough topic to discuss online, but, this is my journal, about me, and so hereto I lay down the facts. We need help. Been married almost 25 years, had ups and downs (way more ups than downs), but it's finally come to the point where we need help. We've tried and tried, but now we are at the end of our rope, and are throwing in the towel. We had discussed this a few times, but never really wanted to commit to anything, but opportunity turned around the corner, and fell into our laps. It was because of that, that we decided to go ahead and take the plunge.

Her name is being withheld for privacy, but she is going to be our cleaning lady. I could just scream from the rooftops in joy! We met her yesterday, got introduced through a mutual friend, and we instantly connected. She comes highly recommended, does private jobs as well as some corporate.

I know, I know. How come we can't do it ourselves? Well, we both work, sometimes extended hours. We are both busy outside of work as well, which often leaves us rushed, and with little time for anything else. Also, because we have a summer activity that we totally enjoy, this leaves us little time to really take care of the house. Sometimes even picking up things is a huge chore. This lady will be able to help out every two weeks, to do the things that we can't get around to, but it will be worth it, and I am now so very excited.

Over the past while, various friends and acquaintances have discussed the extra help that they get from ladies who clean houses. They place them in high esteem, and value their services to no end.

So, what are we doing to prepare for the first visit? Picking up, de-cluttering, dusting. The goal is to have the floors clear of stuff so that she can come in and work freely, without having to pick up our stuff. Dusting knick knacks and furniture is still our realm of responsibility, but she can help us with many many other things.

I seem to recall one of my posts where I wrote about how I am a collector. Well, now I seriously have to sit down and evaluate what I really collect, because a lot of this stuff is just gathering moss unto itself. It has to end (or at least get scrutinized and confined.

So wish us luck. This is a new experience for us, and a strange feeling for me, since (a) we have always kept on top of the cleaning (or tried to), and (b) my Mom* always cleaned her own house, while raising me and holding down a job. least the next time someone drops by, we no longer have to run for the hills in panic, like we usually do.

*Mom is either looking down on me shaking her head in digust, or giving me a big thumbs up. I hope it's the latter.


Anonymous said...

You sceered me, woman! I thought you were going to say you were getting a divorce!!!

I read a trick for fooling those drop-by-unannounced-people once. Leave out your vacuum and then just tell them you're sorry the house is a mess, but you were in the middle of cleaning. =)

If you need help with the google video thing give me a holler.

Also.. what book was it that you were reading that huby wanted to read next?

masgblog said...

:-) at least I managed to build up some suspense eh? I had to find SOME WAY of introducing this otherwise mundane topic.

I am nowhere near finished with the big purge/cleanup. *groan*, and the vacuum is at the entrance, but hasn't moved yet.

I'll check out that google video and shout out if assistance is needed....

The book - I finished Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger. I rather enjoyed it. When hubby finishes it, I can send it to you, if you like, if you haven't read it. I don't really want to keep it.

Anonymous said...

i'm sure your mom would rather see you enjoying your life, than spending it cleaning house.


masgblog said...

I think so too. Thx for stopping by.

JMai said...

It's lovely, isn't it, having someone else clean your home? The hardest part is putting away all the junk that's accumulated in places where it doesn't belong, before she comes in to do her job. Small price to pay in the end, though...and only you really know where your stuff goes.

Enjoy the feeling!

masgblog said...

Thx jmai. I think it was in your blog where I read about your cleaning adventure, and then we were talking with peers who have had this type of service for years. Then the guilt that I had built up faded.

The pain continues, however, that is the big pre-cleanup/purge. I am one third of the way there, and already feeling good. The promise that I made was that the floors would be clear of pickups etc...and that, as you say, will certainly be a good thing all around.


Anonymous said...

Dear mags (for that is what I have decided to call you from now on): hooray for the cleaning lady!!!

Long ago, when my business got off to a flying and hectic start and I found myself working 7 days a week, and doing everything else on my own -- laundry, cooking, gardening, house repairs, you name it -- I realized one day that I never, EVER had a chance to sit down and relax. So I got a cleaning lady. 3.5 hours/week. Best thing I ever did. I'm sure your mom would approve. :)

masgblog said...

cunada eins - hi ...thx for chiming glad to hear that, BUT, does this mean that I might have to go for a weekly basis? We were thinking 3 hours every 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...

I think that you may find 3 hours every 2 weeks not enough. Then again, I don't know the size of your house. But I had a 4.5 room apartment at the time, and 3 hours a week was just right for floors, vaccuum, dusting, bath and kitchen.

Anonymous said...

I agree with cunada eins. You will thank yourself later for getting it done weekly and the expense is worth it. Good luck!!!!

masgblog said...

cunada and nikitajones - this hurts my brain, but not as much as my back hurts afetr the work I did this weekend.

God hath spoken, and tomorrow is going to be my day of rest.