Monday, October 23, 2006

It's All About Food...Or Is It?

My Sweetie does not eat. He is the only person that I know who can go for an entire day without food or water. He doesn't get hungry, and he simply gets busy and then forgets to eat.

Not me.

I eat many times throughout the day....not copious amounts of food, but frequent foraging. I think I left a comment about this in Miss Daday's blog. From the time that I get up in the morning, it's all about food. My measuring cups are used religiously to portion what I eat. My scale is forever in the counter. My WW books are always nearby for consultation. My journal and pen are poised for me to track. My water jug is always ready to go (as do I, but that's too much information).

And so, throughout the day, I eat breakfast, then elevenses, lunch, then mid afternoon coffee break, dinner, and the after dinner surprise.

Okay, okay, sometimes I don't always do it perfectly. Sometimes I fall off, and struggle to get back on. But I like to eat.

And I never forget!


Barb said...

... *glance at the sidebar*.. Your hubby really doesn't eat??

..*glance again*..

Ok.. what is that RED thing!!!! lol =)

masgblog said...

red thing? help me out, because I am lost here...