Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Missing Man

There's a man missing from our street. So, the Gladys Kravitz of Sleepy Hollow (that would be me) is out there snooping again, and who cares anyway, right? Well, perhaps, but this guy was always visible, tootling here and tiddling there (I hope no one thinks that tootling and tiddling are dirty things...they are not I assure you!).

Let me give you some background. We own a house situated on a corner, and with the windows that we have, we have views both south and north, and some views east and west. The view of said missing man would be south.

He is a nice guy, quiet, the typical garage guy. Each morning, the first thing, probably even before opening his eyes, the garage door opens. He'd be out there, picking stuff off the lawn, standing in the driveway while performing neighborhood watch duty, or just plain sitting near the garage entrance reading a book (and having a nip or two or three or stopped counting).

But he's not here. The garage door hasn't been open lately. He hasn't been seen sitting and nipping either. I even mentioned it to My Sweetie, and he had no idea either.

Now, I don't know if this is related or not (Inspector Clouseau enters), but this summer, his daughter had passed out in the kitchen. The Mom was giving the kids chips and dip (well now that might have done it - yuck), and the daughter said she didn't feel well, threw up, passed out, and was taken to hospital. I never heard what had happened, nor did I ask. But since that time, neither the daughter nor her father had been seen.

Come to think of it, the dog hasn't been seen either!

The Invisible Man by RENDERFLY

My skin, changes with every whim,
It's easier to pretend when with the crowd
considered "in"
White lies, hold me in my disguise,
Cover the void I hide away from all the

That's because...
I'm the invisible man, that's what I am
empty inside each new disguise,
I'm the invisible man, that's what I am
nothing behind the face that you find

You see, a bit of a mastery,
a fate that can make believe I'm anything
you want to see
Don't fear, but whenever no ones near,
when no one can see or hear, I disappear
into thin air

That's because...

Some day, I'll drop the masquerade,
people will stop and say "Oh my what truth
you dare display"

Till then, I'll shed on another skin,
it's easier to pretend when with the crowd
considered "in"

That's because...

The missing man is missing no more. The garage door is open and he is sitting, nipping, and reading in his chair. Cancel all alerts.....:-)


Anonymous said...

Yikes.. You need to keep us updated!

masgblog said...

I will. It's very odd. Take today for example. Beautiful day outside, and that garage door never opened once. Vewy unusual.

Anonymous said...

It brings to mind a similar story of a neighbour lady of yours who was taken away on a stretcher...

I hope nothing terrible has happened to your tootling, tiddling guy.

masgblog said...

tg - refresh my memory of the stretcher lady (there have been a few over the years).

btw - the missing man is still missing (but he wasn't taken away on a stretcher).

Anonymous said...

Guess Mr. Man was just away on business or something.

masgblog said...

guess so, or on holiday....glad to see the house is active again.

Gladys signing off.....for now.