Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Painting Insanity

A small painting spree has overtaken me, and has turned into insanity. What started as a desire to paint my vintage mailbox has turned into painting insanity.

I found a soothing pale green rust-proof paint, and had planned to sand and then paint it. But my mind was distracted, and instead, I decided to paint a vintage door knocker (I refuse to install a real doorbell). Now, while the door knocker is drying well, I found 3 cast iron hooks, which also needed to be spruced the back of those are drying. Tomorrow I'll finish the other sides. Of course, something else was crying to be painted....a tin candle holder. That's next on the list.

btw....I have yet to tackle the mailbox ....

Monday, August 02, 2010

Song for the Week ~ Amazing

This song is a favourite of mine from Spin class (a.k.a. RPM class). It is a gripping, ripping, keen tune, used during a speed track, where we get to cycle faster and faster, until we reach our top speed. During this particular track, I can close my eyes and just go.

With that I bring you 'Amazing' by Seal (Thin white duke edit)

Sunday, August 01, 2010


Squeaky lives on my blog....the old Squeaky...the one who is a hamster and runs in his wheel. There is also another Squeaky. He is the resident chipmunk who visits for nuts. This little guy made his appearance a short while ago, and we have been 'getting to know each other'. He is still slightly nervous, but he knows that I have nuts for him, and so he keeps himself close to where I sit. Every so often, he makes an appearance and stares at me, waiting. Sometimes, if I am not paying attention, he nibbles on one of the pears that have fallen from the tree.

He is an adventurous one, and knowing this, I keep a little nut container nearby. I say adventurous for a reason. I have a basket of things that I always take outside with me, and I now include that little nut container. Today though, I noticed that the basket was moved, and it appears that Squeaky was trying to figure out how to open the container, which is not easy. Of course I helped him out and broke up a treat for him. I have to encourage him to get closer *come closer....closer*, close enough to take a nut from my hand.