Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Painting Insanity

A small painting spree has overtaken me, and has turned into insanity. What started as a desire to paint my vintage mailbox has turned into painting insanity.

I found a soothing pale green rust-proof paint, and had planned to sand and then paint it. But my mind was distracted, and instead, I decided to paint a vintage door knocker (I refuse to install a real doorbell). Now, while the door knocker is drying well, I found 3 cast iron hooks, which also needed to be spruced the back of those are drying. Tomorrow I'll finish the other sides. Of course, something else was crying to be painted....a tin candle holder. That's next on the list.

btw....I have yet to tackle the mailbox ....


Barb said...

There's no place like home. *clicking heels three times* :)

Xavier R. said...

Well, you had a spree of some sort involving insanity yet no one died. I applaud such efforts.

~Xavier R.