Thursday, December 31, 2009

The End of the Year

Rather than blog the typical happy yah yah Happy New Year post, I decided to blog on the last day of the current year....heck I made it to the end of the year in one piece, and that in itself is an this post is a kind of summary of sorts.

What a year. I could insert profane expletives here, but I won't. It wouldn't serve any purpose anyway. ...but man it sure feels good to say fcuk every once in awhile.

Let's see.....the biggest part of 2009 was that I became a single, separate entity....well sort of.. I still have BJ....who is in his 18th year. Being single didn't really sink in until I was out and on my own for the first time in my life. A lot changed with that status change, let me tell you, but I think that I also grew in many ways. I am finding me again, and that is important. She was always there, but kind of became molded into someone else. Why this happened I don't know, but I can tell you that whoever I meet will have to accept me the way that I am. That will be non-negotiable....and God help him because I can be a handful...but then I don't know too many people who aren't.

My BJ boy is a totally different cat. He no longer hides in the basement or in the ceiling. He is always around me, like glue to paper, or the proverbial shit to a blanket. He greets people at the door. I don't have a doorbell, and I won't be getting one anytime soon, so he is no longer afraid of that, in fact, when friends come over, he doesn't even get out of the chair....instead he sits up and looks for rubs.

.....and my mind is having trouble concentrating right now for me to concisely write about everything, so I'll jot down my Coles notes version of the most memorable personal things for me....

* Buying my old house
* My very special girlfriends
* The annual Cousin's reunion...the C.R.O.C.S.
* My cousin's visit in the summer...sweet
* Spending Christmas with my cousin and his family....low key, under the top, but oh so special
* my special work buddy who helped me when I moved in
* Going to Mexico with my friend
* Getting My beautiful tattoo
* Having my ears pierced
* The Busholme salvation sanity rescue
* Playing the drums
* Getting my own drum kit
* Playing guitar again
* Playing percussion whenever I can
* Meeting men
* Dumping men
* making new friends....always

So here's to new adventures and experiences in the new year. Who knows what it will bring, but if I have any say in the direction, it will be positive, and full, and fun.....and oh so worth it.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chasing The Olympic Torch

Nothing I do is simple. This is just a fact, which includes my not-so-simple chance to see The Olympic Torch, which was going to be in G'town today. Here is my story.

The hype had been building in this little town, hype around the arrival of The Olympic Torch. It was supposed to be here around 7AM, and within walking distance of where I live, so I planned to basically dash out of bed with camera in hand. It was great to see that others also stumbled out of their beds so early on a Saturday morning. It was minus 12 outside, and keeping the body moving was the order of the day. I found a couple of good spots on what was thought to be 'the route', set up my camera, and then started to have problems, first with the batteries (and I had no charged ones with me either doh!) then my camera froze. I tried everything I could to get the thing to warm up and behave, but nothing was working, so I headed home.

Once home, I found some new batteries, and let the camera warm up a bit. Everything was operating so I headed out...again. By the time I arrived at the corner, I could see the Olympic vehicles passing by....and everybody was leaving. I had heard that The Torch made its way to the downtown area, then they packed it in to head to relay between G'town and Acton (I didn't think that they did, but a friend was adamant that it was a continuous relay all across Canada).

I was now sad that I missed my opportunity, but this sad moment didn't last for long. I headed back home and jumped in the truck and drove to Acton........about a 10 minute drive away. Once I got far enough along, I could see the Olympic vehicles ahead....and then just as quickly, I saw the police barring any other vehicles from entering. I was locked out with no way into the town. I headed back home once again...or so I thought.

I recalled that The Torch was going to be in Milton after off I went. At this point Milton would be about 20 TO 30 minutes away, I had no idea where anything would be but I guessed that the action would likely be somewhere in the downtown core.

BINGO! I hit pay day!

There was a large gathered crowd. I saw the person who was going to take The Torch for the next scheduled leg...and finally I saw The Torch itself, along with the sponsor vehicles providing crowd hype. Just a great feeling to be among others who braved the cold to feel the spirit....screaming, yelling, dancing, jumping...all active and united to see The Torch and keep this alive.


Saturday, December 12, 2009


Today is the day that I got my first tattoo ...and I have 2 words............LUV IT!!!

For as long as I can remember, I was curious about tattoos. My parents used to take me to Belmont Park, an old amusement park in Montreal, and I remember seeing the tattooed man, actually I stared intently at the patterns that flowed across his body.I wondered how the patterns got there.

When I grew up, I was still always attracted to the various tattoos that people had etched on their bodies. Art...yes it is actually considered art. You know the ones....the guys with the snake on their arm, or entwined hearts, or mom or whatever. Now the tatts tend to be full blown and colorful...quite stunning.

I never seriously considered having a real tattoo, until this year, and especially after I received my henna tattoo in Mexico. I really liked the idea of having a piece of personal expression on my body.

In the summer, I had visited the recommended establishment to check out the facilities for piercings and tattoos. At that time I wanted my ears pierced over and above the tattoo, but I knew the tattoo was waiting in the wings. In the end I had my ears pierced at another shop, partly because of convenience and also because I had a friend who supported me. I have not regretted the ear piercing...absolutely one of the best things that I have ever done for myself.

When I recently went to Mexico, as a whim, I got a henna tattoo on my ankle. It was a simple bird and flower tattoo, and was guaranteed to last 2 weeks. I liked it so much that I wanted to have it as a permanent reminder of my trip. So, I had it designed with a twist...the bird has a flower in its beak along with a drumstick. See pic....oh and there is still a hint of the henna which will eventually fade.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

2 Months Later and 7 Months In

It's about time.....about time I updated this old blog of mine. Contrary to what some people might think, I did not fall off the face of the earth and disappear. I think some would wish that I did, but alas I am still here. The last time I posted was around October 10th. Things were settling down a bit by then. I had some necessary things done to my house to make it liveable. My drum lessons were in full swing. I had my ears pierced. All good things.

It is now 7 months since I moved to G'town. Work has been both busy and steady. But, for me, things are. In my soul, I still feel disconnected and with no sense of purpose. My past is still a huge part of who I am, and for the most part I merely survive. Now, to other people, they see a huge change in me, and they say for the better. I guess I have to look outside my own box and continue on. Part of that continuum is drumming, where I am the house drummer for the Sunday afternoon jams in Erin. I also jam at other places, but those stints are much shorter, but it's all about enjoyment, and I enjoy being a chick drummer.

Recently, I took a trip to Mexico. That was my second time there, mostly because I love Mexico, and the first visit there left me with permanent and special memories. This trip was my summer vacation. I had not been away all summer. I booked the trip in July and did not know how I would be able to wait 4 months until it was time to actually go. Before I knew it, I was wrapped up in a daily countdown that had my system whirling with excitement....

Short trip synopsis ...Playa del Carmen shopping excursion with handsome Mexican men serving free nachos....swimming with the Dolphins and experiencing my first dorsal tow...and a Catamaran trip to absolutely die for....henna tattoo on my ankle for $5 US....salsa dancing at the pool....nightly shows that were A+.

So, what's in store for me now? Well, first off, I try not to plan too much into the future, because I am still trying to deal with the past and present. What I do know is that I will be spending Christmas day with family. I will be getting a tattoo on Saturday. I am going to a radio party in a week. I'll be jamming on Sunday.

The rest will just happen as it is supposed to.