Thursday, December 31, 2009

The End of the Year

Rather than blog the typical happy yah yah Happy New Year post, I decided to blog on the last day of the current year....heck I made it to the end of the year in one piece, and that in itself is an this post is a kind of summary of sorts.

What a year. I could insert profane expletives here, but I won't. It wouldn't serve any purpose anyway. ...but man it sure feels good to say fcuk every once in awhile.

Let's see.....the biggest part of 2009 was that I became a single, separate entity....well sort of.. I still have BJ....who is in his 18th year. Being single didn't really sink in until I was out and on my own for the first time in my life. A lot changed with that status change, let me tell you, but I think that I also grew in many ways. I am finding me again, and that is important. She was always there, but kind of became molded into someone else. Why this happened I don't know, but I can tell you that whoever I meet will have to accept me the way that I am. That will be non-negotiable....and God help him because I can be a handful...but then I don't know too many people who aren't.

My BJ boy is a totally different cat. He no longer hides in the basement or in the ceiling. He is always around me, like glue to paper, or the proverbial shit to a blanket. He greets people at the door. I don't have a doorbell, and I won't be getting one anytime soon, so he is no longer afraid of that, in fact, when friends come over, he doesn't even get out of the chair....instead he sits up and looks for rubs.

.....and my mind is having trouble concentrating right now for me to concisely write about everything, so I'll jot down my Coles notes version of the most memorable personal things for me....

* Buying my old house
* My very special girlfriends
* The annual Cousin's reunion...the C.R.O.C.S.
* My cousin's visit in the summer...sweet
* Spending Christmas with my cousin and his family....low key, under the top, but oh so special
* my special work buddy who helped me when I moved in
* Going to Mexico with my friend
* Getting My beautiful tattoo
* Having my ears pierced
* The Busholme salvation sanity rescue
* Playing the drums
* Getting my own drum kit
* Playing guitar again
* Playing percussion whenever I can
* Meeting men
* Dumping men
* making new friends....always

So here's to new adventures and experiences in the new year. Who knows what it will bring, but if I have any say in the direction, it will be positive, and full, and fun.....and oh so worth it.



Jeni said...

Have a very Happy New Year, Mau -and with your attitude, I'm pretty darned sure you'll do just that!

Barb said...

Um. You forgot to mention our frequent phone calls. :P

Happy New Year!!!!!

terry said...

you seem to be embracing your status change with a great here's to great new adventures in 2010! happy new year.