Friday, January 08, 2010

Politically Speaking

This year it is time for me to get back into local politics. I took a wee break from it when I left Barrie, but I missed it. Currently, the whole prorogation issue has me heated up. Heating me up is what got me involved the last time, and it worked again this time.

The local group has openings on their exec, so I may get involved there, and, as always, they need volunteers...because you just never know when an election might be called.

I know, I's not polite to talk politics, even though the dinner party crowd certainly engages in such discussion, and I am not going to discuss politics. The important thing is that it is a healthy project to get involved in, and one can learn so much that they didn't already know.

So here's to me for re-acquainting myself with politics in this neck of the woods.....and I may even post about it.....

My addendum rant - if you elect a government, you should expect them to be at work for you....not taking a leave for 60+ days (and this is not the first leave they have had, not counting their extended Christmas break) so that they can hide away from important issues. Remember, nothing gets done in Parliament during that time. Think about that the next time you vote.
*end of rant*