Friday, August 28, 2009

Scratch my Head

This world of ours can be a funny place...and the other day I watched something that entertained me while I was at the checkout counter.

First a little background.

When I was young, I can remember having paper bags as shopping bags. I would get penny candy in wee paper bags and my Mother would have her groceries placed in large paper sacks. How we arrived at the world of unlimited plastic I'll never know, but thankfully we have finally woken up and are doing something about using less of it.

So, now we reduce and reuse and charge people for the use of a plastic bag, which is all good, so people now bring their own bins or bags or whatever.

...except for one lady...

While at said checkout counter waiting for the lady in front of me to finish, I noticed that things were taking somewhat longer than normal. I also noticed a lot more activity than usual. Then I noticed why. The lady did not bring any bags or bins, so she had to unload each item from her cart to the checkout counter (and there were many items!), then she had to load each item back into her cart.

Now you also have to figure that she had to load each item back into her car and then get each item into her house (unless she had the bins in the car and was too lazy to go out and get them). Whatever it was, it was certainly entertaining.

I have an intolerant remark that I refuse to make here, but rest assured that it is in my head.....and it has something to do with hair color...

Have a good weekend y'all...

Thursday, August 13, 2009


In my last post I made reference to an audition that the gym was holding in order to search for cycling instructors. They are actually looking for Pump, Step and Flow instructors as well. I found this out later. So, I had a preconceived idea that I would try for the Pump and Spin sets.

A little background. I have been down this road before. A few years ago, I had wanted to teach, and somehow I volunteered to learn to teach Step. I took the required courses and then was scheduled to shadow teach....then things all fell apart for me. Work became horrendously busy for me. Things were not going well and I felt too much pressure to continue. I threw that opportunity away, walked away, and chalked it up to experience.

This time it is a little different. It is not so much voluntary. Going to the audition is voluntary, but after that only accepted individuals will be selected.

When I arrived there last night, I was handed many sheets of paper, and had to fill out numerous forms, and then I was advised to pick one discipline, because we could only try out for one area....not both Pump and Spin. I had to really think about this one, because I love both of those disciplines (among others). So, I picked Pump because it is truly my passion.

The room was packed...about 40 people arrived to try out. I was probably the oldest but was certainly one of the more fit people there. We all had to do a Flow class and a Pump class. Then we had a choice to do either the Spin or the Step class. I did Spin. During these mini classes, scouts were evaluating the participants, with particular focus on the individuals who selected their discipline of choice. Photos were being taken, and attention to technique and form were high on the agenda.

Now, there was something strange that certainly stood out. When I go to the gym, I always bring my gym shoes, be that my trainers or my cycling shoes. Last night I brought both. But there were actually people who arrived in flip flops thinking that they would only be doing the Flow class (which requires bare feet). Boy were they surprised to find out that they had to do Pump and one one of the other 2 classes...and they had to do them in either their flip flops or bare feet....gross!

Good thing I was a Girl Guide...always be prepared.

I'll let you know the results of the audition. As I said earlier, it was never about getting picked or was about going...and I already succeeded.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Well, it has been awhile since this poor blog has been updated. Things have been busy here, or rather, I have been busy. I'll spare you the details, but just know that things are keeping me hopping....mostly fun.....

The house and I are now one and at peace. Little things pop up, but nothing that has me running into the street screaming for assistance.

The basement is still in the process of being demolished. When I need to get rid of some stress, I go downstairs and take it out on the walls. The demolishing has a two-fold reason behind it. #1 - Prior owners didn't finish it properly, and I simply want to open up the space and get the air flowing through. #2 - BJ picked up the bright idea to claw through the vapour barrier plastic which covers the insulation, and has decided that this makes a great bed. NOT! So I have been hunting out his immediate spots and ripping off plastic, digging out fiberglass, and tearing down walls....worker chick.

The truck is going to get tricked up. I have always wanted to bling it up a bit, and now is the time to plan for that and get something done. When it's done I'll post a few shots of the new look.

The gym is looking for cycling instructors, and is holding an open audition where scouts will be picking potential candidates. I am planning on attending the audition. If I get picked, great, If I don't get picked, that's okay too. The key thing for me right now is to go to the audition. Wish me luck.