Tuesday, October 03, 2006

How to get the breast, I mean best service in a restaurant

Last night we tried a relatively new restaurant in Sleepy Hollow. We didn't have a recommendation about this place, other than we had heard that there is always a line up to get in. Being a Monday night, we thought we could get in easily, which indeed was the case.

The decor was very creative and soothing, the glasses and plates were really different, the food was good.

One thing.

The service sucked.

At least, at our table it sucked.

And it possibly sucked because the air was mostly being sucked in a few tables away from us.

That is where they were. .

They were a pair of store-bought mammaries, almost on full display, popping up and out, save for a teenie weenie piece of so-called clothing They walked in and sat down, and from that moment on, the world stood still, at least it did for the rest of the clientele. The waiters were tripping over them selves to get anything at all for them forks, spoons, napkins, food,toothpicks, napkins, drinks, more drinks, and yet more drinks. The waitresses would walk by with a fixed and phony grin on their faces, as if to say 'what the heck have we got here?'.

A table away from them sat a group of seniors, and you could almost hear the rapid fluttering of a few pacemakers, guaranteed.

Even though they caused quite a commotion last night, I would probably return again to give the place a fair shot, but I would check to make sure that, next time, we got the waiter's undivided attention.


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Anonymous said...

You could call that a "mammarable" meal.

masgblog said...

good one!

Anonymous said...

Ok, that was just too funny! I had to read it to hubby, too =)