Monday, October 09, 2006

Stretching things

tg commented on my post about the Missing Man (the missing man who is still missing), and that comment inspired this post, about various stretcher events over the years. I hope not to make this morose, because if a stretcher is involved, you can bet it is verging on morose.

Over the years, we had seen a few neighbours taken away on stretchers for various reasons, most of them unknown. When we first moved to Toronto, we had an apartment on the 21st floor. It had an amazing view and we watched some pretty wild storms from that elevation. It was during that period that the neighbour down the hall thought that he could fly (a drug induced belief), and so he perched himself on the balcony, spread his wings, and flew.....except he didn't, and he died. We moved shortly thereafter.

We bought our first house, and it was a normal existence. No stretchers there. Our second house, however,was a bit different. We had neighbours across the street, who kept pretty much to themselves. Had 3 kids. The story goes that the family had been watching TV. The wife slumped over. Hubby thought she had nodded off, but she hadn't. The stretcher took her away. To this day, I believe she is still alive, but in a coma.

We had a condo for a mere 5 months (a post in and of itself), and nothing to note there either.

We sold the condo, and moved back into a house. Our neighbour across the street, Stan, was in the habit of drinking too much. This might not seem so bad, except that he was diabetic. Not good. One day, I looked out the window and the stretcher was taking him away. He had taken a diabetic attack, and had fallen down the basement stairs. He didn't come back home.

In our current house, we had the summer stretcher event, relating to the Missing Man post. Now I have come full circle once again.

Thx to tg for providing me with something to write about. And now I must forage for food, or something.

Re the Google Ad on penis stretching....I didn't place that here....just so ya know.


Anonymous said...

I know why you left the condo (which was adorable) but I won't give away the punch line. ;-)

You forgot the neighbour lady next door, who Mr. Sweetie espied one night picking her nose and eating the booger.

masgblog said...

Good memory, but that neighbour never got taken away in an ambulance.

masgblog said...

but, that booger story might be good for another post, as I think there may be a couple of other like instances in that category.

My mind swirls.....

Anonymous said...

Another great post! I love coming here and seeing what your up to =)

Thanks for your nice comments, too.

masgblog said...

barb - thank you and you're very welcome. I am often like you, where I don't think my posts are really anything, but then, comments, like yours, make me think otherwise.

....all true stories too


Anonymous said...

The wonderful thing about a blog is: everyone's got stories; sometimes it takes something innocuous to call them up; but the actual process of LOOKING for something to blog about is a lovely creative challenge. Which is why I'm still hooked on it. :)

masgblog said...

anonymous - when I started this, I could barely write a few sentences. Now the entries are full, and I hope interesting. I am now hooked too.