Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Then, there's this lady, from up in Canada way, who uses some really subtle humor, loves sailing whenever, wherever possible, enjoys knitting (my kind of gal there) as well as animals - especially cats! That would be Mau of It's About Time and her sister-in-law is Lattegirl, who received her TREAT on the second day of these little awards. I really should apologize to both of them for the photo on my Tour blog of the area where I live yesterday of my son-in-law with a deer he got two or three years ago because both of them are really big animal lovers. However, hunting -and fishing too - are both really big things in this neck of the woods. Lots of hunters/fishermen/sportsmen of that type come here frequently - many have camps in town here as well as back in the wilderness that does have a pretty good impact on the economy of the area year after year.

Jeni, from Down River Drivel posted those lovely words. Jeni has been a member of my sidebar for what seems like forever now, and as she wrote, we are like family. In fact, my SIL at Inner Dialogues is one family member who is also a blogger, though she has been doing it much longer than me. Family is a good way of describing the connection with fellow bloggers.

Jeni is an awesome writer, and has vast experience which she draws upon for her posts. As she mentioned, we have a few things in common, and that's really cool. She is keenly aware of keeping us informed of Dubya's pertinent words each day, and for that we thank her.

Jeni's award is quite timely for me. This is my time of year. I was born during this season, and feel that I am a fall person. So, why don't you click on her link and go on over and pay her a visit. You never know...you just might become addicted.

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Jeni said...

Proof positive of my rapidly advancing senility is this. I'm sitting here, reading my faves, and suddenly I'm reading my text written for the Sweet TREAT I gave you a day or so back and I'm shaking my head cause I knew it was what I had written about you, but I thought I was still reading the blog of another of my faves! Had to shake my head a bit, check to see if I had actually fallen asleep or something and was dreaming this episode!
Yeah, kid - we're both fall people! And October is probably my most favorite month of the year too.
Here I am handing out TREATS, telling people blogs to read and reasons why, etc., and you're handing big treat right back to me. Now, if that isn't indicative of "family" tell me what is then?

Got any knitting projects going right now? I just finished a scarf with some really nice, soft bulky type yarn - 2 rows garter, 6 rows stockinette, used 2 skeins of yarn is a pastel rainbow verigate that was so soft to the touch while I was working on it. Easy as pie too. I'm wondering if the pattern you sent me could be adjusted to accomodate this bulky type yarn too -uses a U.S. size 13 needle. I might have to experiment with that a bit.