Thursday, October 18, 2007

BJs Update: The Trip to the Vet...The True Story..

Hi! It's me, BJ, the cat!
Well, by now you would have read my Mom's account of my trip to the vet. She tends to sugar-coat things, so I am here to tell the real story.

I had a few aches, relating to an injury that I sustained many years ago, while being accosted by a piece of duct work in the basement. There was a of my toes had to be amputated from my left hind leg. Little did I know then, that my rambunctiousness would have me paying the piper as I got older.

Prior to this week's vet visit, my parents were staring at me, like I was going to drop dead or something. They would peer at me while I walked, or while I tried to jump up on that incredibly high bed that they have (why do 2 small people need such a BIG bed anyway???).

In any case, I guess they figured they had seen enough. My Dad hauls this little box with a cage-like front door which could be locked from the outside. I was unceremoniously dumped into the box with the door locked behind me! Hey! What is this anyway? Let me go back to my hidey place in the basement, the place that I covet, which makes me feel safe, and long to be in forever!! But no, my Dad had to go and grab me and insert me in this box, and then lock the door. By crappy!

To make matters worse, Dad got his coat on and took me out to the truck. Let me tell you, this was the ride from hell. Bumpyy? Man it was a noisy, bumpy ride. I was rolling from side to side mroooooowwwwing all the way. There was no way that I was gonna shut up, that was for sure. At least I didn't puke, pee, and poop like CoCo would have done. I am above that sort of behaviour.

The trip lasted for about 10 minutes, then Dad carried me into this strange building....a building that had a number of stupid barking d-o-g-s! Not one single cat! I felt outnumbered and definitely threatened. The only saving grace was that I was inside this locked box, and not too excited about getting out at this particular moment!!!

My name was called (How did they know my name???), and we followed this lab-coated person into an examination room (eek! no way out!!). They petted me and cooed and made all doe-eyes at me in the hopes that I would trust them (hah!). I recall them saying how cute my little pink nose was (a boy cat with a cute pink unmanly!). They checked my ears and teeth, stuck their fingers in my stomach, and then pronounced that I was fine but arthritic in one joint.

The long and short of this visit was that I am just getting old. No drugs for me, nah uh. No drugs to even get me home in that stupid truck. Oh the INDIGNITY! They stuffed me back in the %#!@$* container again and back home in the noisy, bumpy truck. I forgive them already...Meow!


Jeni said...

To B.J. from Gracie (the cat):
Boy, I know all about them thar' cage things and trips to those places with people in the lab coats. I've had several of them. One this past spring where my Mama and her brother took me to that place and LEFT me there for what seemed an eternity but I guess I'm losing track of time as they say it was only two days. I had a little growth on the side of my face and they took it off. I wasn't all too happy -or comfortable -when they brought me back home but now, that seems to be ok. They must have thought I was going to be leaving them permanently soon cause about a month later, they brought home a little orange baby kitten and let me tell you, that little whippersnapper needs to be taught some manners - like leaving older folks alone when they are resting, things like that. I've shown them my displeasure too about this little thing -they call her Nina -by not always using that box they have for us and sometimes making deposits on the kitchen floor that the grandma here seems to always be stepping in my presents but doesn't seem to like them very much. She thinks I am senile but you know, I know exactly what I'm doing. I'm trying to make them think it is the baby cat leaving those presents so they'll get rid of her and I'll have the house again all to myself. Yay, for me, huh?

Unknown said...

Hi BJ - it's me, Harrison, sort of your cousin the dog. I read all about your ordeal with the vet trip and all, and it makes me a little anxious, I tell you... My mom took out my file and my little yellow medical record book - it's right up there on the table - I think she wants me to meet my new vet in Farnham today. I don't much like the vet either - nothing pleasant ever happens there for me.... Hope they don't come at me with a needle.....

Glad you are fine - we must keep our masters happy, and just being around seems to do the trick.


latt├ęgirl said...

Cootie, Mikey, and Boom *wave @ the very photogenic BJ*