Wednesday, October 03, 2007

That Time of Year

Fall is here....sort of. Some days it feels like a hot summer day outside, while the nights get downright chilly. From my window I see the trees losing their leaves. We all know what that means.

This year, fall is also wrapped around a Provincial election. My Sweetie and I are working with one of the local candidates, and hoping for a win, and most assuredly a change, since it appears to be time for one.

How did this start? Well, a few years ago, we got involved as a way to funnel my frustration. It was a great experience. Even though we worked long and hard, our candidate did not win, but we learned so much and met new people. So, it seems that in small cities/towns/whatever, one hand washes the other, and here we are again working.

Now, I have always been kind of shy about discussing this other side of my life. I am not a political activist by any means. Neither am I a protestor. I am simply involved in this group endeavour along with a number of other really fine people. Sometimes, there are events to which we get invited, and I need to rearrange my gym/work schedule to accomodate. Sometimes people are curious as to why I can't be at the gym for example. The other night I finally told someone what we do. To my amazement my blurt was received positively (which surprised the heck out of me). I didn't really feel uncomfortable talking about it either (although my tone of voice was certainly waaaay quiet, in case others would hear). I was asked if I ever got frustrated while calling on people at their homes. I guess I mostly get frustrated when people say that they don't vote, but moreso if a woman says she never votes, and even moreso if a woman says that she votes the same way that her husband votes. Other than that I don't get too frustrated. We are merely messengers.

So far it is great. We can even feel the momentum working in our least we'd like to think so.

~`~ V~`~O~`~T~`~E~`~
(don't let others speak for you)

Update as of 8:30ET - We just got back from our very first political rally, where the premier came to speak. How can I best describe this? Exciting, full of energy, fun, alive, crowded....WOW!


Jeni said...

Boy, do I ever agree with you on the things that really make me very, very angry -people who don't vote -male or female; women who say they have never voted and yes, especially those who are simply led to the voting booth and given instructions aforehand to vote the way the spouse goes. (As Maine goes, so goes the nation is an old expression stateside which could probably be applied to that type of behavior, couldn't it? My Dad -and his entire family -were all of one political persuasion; my Mom and her parents (don't know about the rest of my aunts/uncles on that side) were of another. My Mom always told me, "Your dad always knew how I was registered but he never knew how I voted." That always made me really proud of her once I got old enough to understand a tiny bit about politics and a lot about life.

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Nikki Neurotic said...

That's great that you are politically active in the way. I've considered it in the past, but things always seemed to not fall in place for me...

I get annoyed with my friend that doesn't vote...she's in the military so you'd think that she of all people would want a say...but no, she's content to let things happen and then she'll complain. Last time we got on the subject I told her that she had not right to complain about politics because she doesn't take the five minutes or so to register to vote, and the 15 minutes or so it would take to actually vote.