Thursday, October 25, 2007

BJ's Update: A Day in My Life

Hi! It's me, BJ, the cat!
I have received some really nice comments from fellow felines and canines, and I just want to say meooooow and thanks for visiting and dropping a comment.

A few of you had asked how I typically spend my day. I can simply answer that I pretty much do the same thing every day, and that is probably quite similar to what each of you do. Sure, there might be slight variations to this, but in the end it's same poo, different litter box.

Pretty much everyday, I am up before my parents, and that is because, in the colder weather the heat comes on and I find the air vents particularly warm. It is usually at this point that my parents find it quite cool in the room (because I am soaking up all of the warm air). As soon as I see any hint of stirring from the bed, I am alert and I might give a prrrt or a purrr, just to let My Parents know that I am here and waiting for them.

My parents will get up and go to the bathroom (one of their daily rituals), and when they head for the bathroom, I am right on their heels in the hopes that somebody will give me an elevator ride up to the sink and turn on the tap so that I can fool around with the water. I can pretty much stay in the sink all day if they'd let me, but I usually end up following My Parents downstairs, because I know that breakfast is coming....and that it will soon be time for m-i-l-k-y!!!!

My Mom will head downstairs, and I am usually close by, almost tripping her on the way down. She's smart though...she knows to get out of my way..heh. Breakfast noises begin, and when I hear the lid of my food box, I know that there are fresh cookies in my bowl.....mmmmm.

Then, I wait. I wait for them to get their breakfast going, and I wait for the white measuring cup to be placed in front of my little face so that I can lap up the remnants of milk. Once that is done, I wait for their cereal bowls, again for milk remnants.

Okay, so it's a tough morning so far. Lots of action. Time for a poop and a pee, and then to burrow down in one of my comfy cozy spots in the basement. On a sunny day, I'll usually pop out of my hidey spot so that I can visit and lie in the sunshine. I might hang around the back door so that I can watch the my little feathered friends eating their seeds (little do they know that my mouth is usually going smack-smack-smack.....). If I'm really lucky, I might even get to go out on the front patio.

By the end of the day, my dinnertime approaches. More cat cookies (don't ask how I can possibly eat the same thing day in and day out, but I do, and I seem to enjoy it).

After dinner, we watch TV, and if we're in the basement, I get to cuddle up with whoever has a warm spot beside them. This is probably the best part of the day.....aside from bedtime of course.

Bedtime is when I stake my spot out on the bed, but first I have to watch to ensure that My Parents are in bed, then I make my move with the most ferocious snuggle attack that you can imagine.

To some, I might seem to live a pretty simple life. I am spoiled. I am coddled.

But mostly, I am loved, and for that I am very lucky....Meow!


Jeni said...

Boy, BJ - I sure do wish you would come visit the two cats that live in our house and teach them how to behave! Our older cat, Gracie, is the dowager queen here -she's 16 and might make for a nice girlfriend for you but she's developed some not so nice ways lately. She doesn't always want to do things she used to do all the time anymore -like use her litter box, for openers. She might go for a week or two using the litter box and then all of a sudden, she decides to make her own bathroom but always it is in front of the kitchen sink or the stove. Not a very nice thing there as you can readily understand. Then there is the young cat we brought home about three months ago and Nina likes to torment Gracie sometimes. I don't know if Nina just wants to play and Gracie thinks she's just above doing that at her age now or if Nina is trying to play "Alpha cat" here with Gracie. We really love both these cats very much but their combined actions are often very difficult for us to deal with. Do you have any suggestions what we can do to make them both behave better?

Unknown said...

Hi BJ! I am Lady, your "cousin" King Charles Spaniel. Harrison is snoring away right now, so I thought I'd put my 2 bits in. You really seem to have it put together, you know. Seems like your day is pretty much identical to mine - except that I am a dog! My parents think that I must have been a cat in my previous life -- -they may have a point! The only differece is that I don't have the benefit of a kitty litter - no, I have to go outdoors, and when it rains, I absolutely hate it! I don't like yukky wet grass or wet anything. I don't understand Harrison when he goes running around in the rain through puddles - eyewech - he gets all wet - spare me! Too bad we have so many kilometers separating us, we could have been friends! Oh well, I feel a nap coming on - I'll just go find a warm cozy corner and curl up yawn....

Norma said...

This is a good idea, maybe I'll have my cat write a few of my blog entries--I have 11 blogs.