Wednesday, October 24, 2007

And Then, from the Other Room Came....ARGH!!!!

It was a quiet day in Sleepy Hollow. We had both been working throughout the day. My Sweetie had been very busy on calls all day, and I was on a call with a colleague.

From the other room came the loud cry of ARGH...OOOMPH....OOOHHHH. This was followed by even more grunts and groans. The noises got so bad, that I finally had to find a way to end my call and go to see if I could help with whatever was happening.

When I went into the other room, there was My Sweetie, looking very much like Gollum in the Lord of the Rings....kind of standing upright but bent over slightly to the left.

The reason? Back Spasm, probably from the boat work that we did last weekend for haulout. Sitting down was no easy chore. Neither was applying a heating pad behind his back.

Oh, and guess what? He has to go out shopping this evening....I wonder why? Last minute perhaps?

p.s. - I forgot to add that at one point I was asked to put My Sweetie's socks on (on his feet of course...I already had my own comfy socks on thank you very much). THAT was an accomplishment, since the slightest move caused him pain. But I guess he had a choice...pain or cold feet.


Jeni said...

A big OUCH! Been there, had physical therapy for about five months solid for some back issues that still plague me, especially when the weather changes.

Nikki Neurotic said...

Ouch, hope he feels better soon.

If you have a spare moment, can you stop by my blog and lend a hand?

latt├ęgirl said...

Shopping... hmmm... Christmas presents, right? Or getting a head start on Valentine's Day? No? Gosh. Can't think of why he might go shopping near the END OF OCTOBER...