Friday, October 05, 2007

Bloggy Fall Cleanup

My blog was overdue for a facelift. I was getting tired of the dark colors of my previous blog, and there was a general sloppiness about it that needed some attention. Hopefully this new look will alleviate some of that sluggishness.

I learned a few things about myself through this process (okay, I probably already knew these things).

I am organizational freak. I like to have a place for things and things in their places. I am obsessed about having organized spots.....hence the reason for the new pockets of links at the side. Everything in a neat little bucket. I also detest having and maintaining long rolling lists of links. I absolutely hate scrolling and scrolling to try and get anywhere. I find it a pain.

Motto: don't hide your good stuff at the bottom.

Through this cleanup process, I also, sadly, removed some links, either due to lack of recent updates or due to lack of interest (ie, lack of interest for me). That hurt, because I know that some of those people gave up blogging. *sniff*. My old faithfuls are still there, and even some which you can't see, and there are some new links that I enjoy visiting.

So, with that, I hope you enjoy the new look.

Happy Thxgiving....and's not about the food.....


latt├ęgirl said...

*sniff* why are mine among the ones we can't see?

Jeni said...

You too, Lattegirl? We'll have to go have a good cry in our tea, huh?

Site looks really neat though - crisp, clean, all organized great. Now, how'd you do that anyway?

Nikki Neurotic said...

I like the new look, though, the blog roll is a tad hard on the eyes.

terry said...

looks good!

i like that you have your blogroll broken down into categories. smart.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the original meaning of Thanksgiving was about the food, as you probably know. Thanks were given for the harvest.

masgblog said...

the original people who gave thanks celebrated with a harvest AND were thankful to be alive having survived at all.