Monday, October 22, 2007


What a weekend! Saturday was haulout day, and, in keeping with past haulout weather, it was cruddy. It was cold. It was very windy. It rained.

Now, Sunday was an entirely different story. The boat was out of the water, and of course it was splendiforous outside. Like 70 degrees or something silly like that.

Anyway, I had a bit of down-time, and observed a few things:
- various people sailing on the bay
- the grouping of eight Muskoka chairs around an imitation fire pit
- various boaters offloading their boats, in preparation for their upcoming haulout
- the glowing highlight effect that the sun had on the islands in the distance

And of course, I always sit and think about:
- how can we just cash it all in and sail south, and live on the boat indefinitely

That last one is the biggest threat to personal security for me. It takes a huge leap to actually be able to throw the docklines and head south for the BIG adventure. It certainly takes some planning and some money.

It would also mean that BJ would have to learn to sail very quickly.


terry said...

here's hoping you make that dream come true!

Jeni said...

To be able to "cash it all in and sail south" sounds like a really splendiforous idea to me! How in blazes did you come up with THAT word anyway? Pretty cool, very self-explanatory I do believe - but also pretty far out there too. And yes, poor B.J. would definitely have to learn to become a sailor wouldn't he?

latt├ęgirl said...

I recently read a book, "Exit the Rainmaker," based on the true story about a man who did exactly what you dream about so fleetingly: simply walked away from his outwardly successful and beautiful job, house, wife and life. Some people reviled him; others admired him for doing what most of us only think of in that far-off, "what-if" way.