Sunday, October 28, 2007

The 'F' Word

Yes, that's right. The dreaded 'F' word. White stuff falling from the sky. THAT 'F' word.

Last night, we went out to dinner, to continue celebrating my birthday. It was soooo windy outside. And the rain was coming down in sheets. Then this morning, while we were having breakfast, we had F-L-U-R-R-I-E-S or sleet or whatever you want to call it....yikes!

This ought to make for an interesting and slightly cool Halloween...unless suddenly we have 75 degree weather once again.

note to self - don't forget to put hat and mittens on Mr. Pumpkin....


Jeni said...

Keep that "F" word stuff up in Canada will ya please? At least for another month -or two -or better yet, four? No need to share that white fluff down here, none at all. Well, maybe from 6 p.m. Christmas Eve as long as they are all gone by 6 p.m. Christmas Day, that is. Brrr. I shiver thinking about that stuff.

Baba said...

Wow... Snow already...We get light snow maybe every 5-10 years..I would love it for Xmas..Enjoy your day.