Sunday, November 26, 2006

Speaking of Christmas Lights

Almost every year we go through the same routine. You go through it too. You know you do. We try to decide how we want to do the exterior Christmas lights. What color do we want? What style do we want? How do we want to place them? But there is always one thing guaranteed. It will be freezing bloody cold the day that we decide to hang the lights outside. Cold enough to freeze get my drift (ha ha I made a funny...drift...snow...oh well).

Except this year. Nyah nyah!

We got smart and got the lights bought and sorted out and hung way early. We didn't turn them on at that time, but we got them up and ready to go. From that point on, we had our big eye on the street, watching to see who would be the first to actually turn on those suckers. We knew that other people had been out there doing the same planning and hanging, but no one else had been brave enough to actually flip the switch.

One particular house had been very busy, practically hanging themselves from the roof with the work that they had been doing. Then tonight, it happened.

They flipped on the big one.

Their house looked pretty amazing, almost just like the Christmas Lights mwave that I adore and which tales-from-the-trenches currently has on their site. Very cool.

So, with 20 something odd days til Christmas, at least our lights are done.

Now, if only we had known a month ago that it was going to be 14 degrees with no snow outside, we could have put our lights up wearing our shorts and T-shirts.

That would have been a sight.


Barb said...

Do we get a picture when you turn them on?

I've lived in apartments for the past 6+ years so haven't done much outside decorating lately.

Love the graphic and the joke! Mike wants to know if it's still too early for Christmas music?

Mike said...

I still think it was smart to put them up early. When I had a house I would do the same. I know how cold it can get out there. Plus, the house I owned was a 2 story job, so I have a pretty tall ladder to climb. But I do like to have outside lights for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

we could have put our lights up wearing our shorts and T-shirts.

Like they do in Florida.

Crunchy Carpets said...

good grief..our are wadded up in a bag somewhere...that will be fun digging them out!

Jeni said...

If any lights get put up here that will be somewhat classified as "house trimming" it will be done in warmth, from the inside. Mandy (my daughter) and I took to stringing lights around the bay window on the inside but so they are visible to the outside world and we don't freeze our dupas off doing it.

Our neighbors about 4 doors down the street, on the other hand, try to find every available entity on their house and about the entire yard too from which to string lights every year. Sure wouldn't want their electric bill - ours runs high enough!

Mike said...

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells lol.

instant gratification girl said...

and then there are those of us who are just too lazy to take them down!! hehe