Friday, November 24, 2006

Headset and instructions BOTH made in China...

My Sweetie has a replacement "bluetooth" headset for his Blackberry.

It comes with detailed and entertaining instructions.

The choicest piece is as follows: "Warning: Make sure not to distort the ear hook always for a long time with large extent while adjusting the hook, otherwise may damage the Ear hook".

Do not adjust your screens - this is NOT a typo.

Another, more "circular" suggestion, goes as follows: "In order to get the best function, please put the headset and the phone on the same side of your body, as the function is always the best without any obstruction (including part of your body) between the headset and the phone".

Any questions?


Mike said...

Such good instructions. Should he keep it in his pocket instead? lol.

Barb said...

(Scratching my head..) HUH? Makes no sense to me, either!

Jeni said...

Doesn't it make you wonder what the writer of those instructions' primary language must be?

Shows how things lose (or gain) in the translation doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Usually Japanese in origin.
Then it gets translated by a Japanese person with some knowledge of English, after which it all becomes Greek to us.

Regardless of the instructions,
I WANT ONE. For the first time, I recently saw someone wearing one and I just thought it was so techno-sexy, I WANT ONE!

Anonymous said...

When we get to the point where we will all be walking around with Blueteeth (?!) in one ear, combined with a video phone application (with tiny monitor over the right eye), then what?


masgblog said...

when My Sweetie has the earpiece on and the BlackBerry in hand, he does look like the borg!

Anonymous said...

You will be assimilated.