Thursday, November 23, 2006

Chasing Cars (The Sequel)

In an early post Chasing Cars I mentioned how I love cars, and that I have only owned three cars in my lifetime, and that My Sweetie has driven (not necessarily owned) zillions. Actually, I lied. I never owned any of the three cars, since, for whatever reason, they have always been in My Sweetie's name. I have merely had the opportunity of driving them...endlessly.

But I digress.

Back to the zillions of cars. Today, zillions became zillions plus one.
Now, I am not jealous or anything (yeah right), because this is a truck, and too big for me to ever consider driving anything like that. It's a nice truck. It feels like a truck, and rides like a truck, but it looks like a really nice truck. A big boy truck. It even has heated car seats (yay me!).........(I sense a future post coming, but I have to work on the semantics first).

Zillions. Okay, so over the past 30 years, we figured that, on average, he managed to have a different car every 2 years. Not bad I say. And, since we are still young enough to have our memory in tact, we were able to recount the cars of the past.

So here's the list:
  1. Fiesta Ghia

  2. VW bug

  3. Impala

  4. Ford Escort Author's note: these first 4 were actually owned!!

  5. Eurosport

  6. Chevy Corsica

  7. Pontiac 6000

  8. Eagle Premier

  9. Intrepid (Green)

  10. Intrepid (Blue)

  11. Intrepid (Silver)

  12. Toyota Sienna

  13. VW Golf (also owned!)

  14. Chrysler 300

  15. Explorer Sport Trac Adrenalin

Wow. I thought that we had forgotten one there, and we probably did, but no matter. This is the tally as it currently stands. Now, next year he will probably be getting a new company vehicle, again. *sigh*

Now, I just found him in the garage, bonding with the new vehicle, reading the Owner's Manual. *sigh*

It's going to be a long year.....


Barb said...

My ex used to almost caress his car when he washed & waxed it. I often thought if he'd treated me that well, my might have stayed married ;)

Barb said...

Me again haha. I was just scrolling your sidebar and seeing the book that you're STILL reading made me want to tell you that I just ordered 35(!!!) books online. They should last me a couple months.

Mike said...

I have a decent list of cars on mine. But the thing is is that most were used. Living in the area that I did, the insurance was very high. I never minded used cars though, I can fix most anything and have lol.

Jeni said...

This blog got me to thinking about cars I have owned.
Bought my very first car in December of 1967 - a brand new 1968 Chevy Nova, with a sticker price of $2,619. The reason it was "So High" was that it came with white wall tires, which I had the dealer exchange for the regular ones to give me a price break. What a wheeler dealer I was, huh?

When I married in 1972, I had that car paid off - I think it was only financed for 3 years back then. My husband (now my ex) and I had more vehicles between 1972 and 1980 when we divorced than you could shake a stick at!

In 1979, when we separated, I bought MY second car - in my name - a 1979 Chevy Chevette which I had for 6 1/2 years and it had 142,000 plus miles on it and only ever had the oil changed on it one time. My reasons for the poor maintenance record - If I had the time, no money; if I had the money, no time. But it ran great.

I then purchased in 1986 a used Ford Fairlane and had it for 2 years till it died.

In 1988, I bought a 1988 Subaru Justy - new - drove it until 1994 when I traded it for a 1994 Subaru Justy which I drove until 2000 when I bought a 2000 Ford Focus.

Six cars over darn near 39 years now, all but one was brand-spanking new, that I owned, in my name! Paying those cars off was often a struggle for me but I am really proud to say I DID IT, my way, the hard way - Alone!

Right now though, I may has well not have a car because my son keeps borrowing mine. The funny thing about him and my car is that he is a Chevy man, through and through and especially loves to make bad comments about Ford products. However, I notice he has no issues when he needs a good running vehicle to put his bony body into that happens to be a Ford? Hmmm. What's up with that, huh? (I think it comes under the heading there of "Beggars Can't Be Choosers" don't you?)

And by the way - Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you and have a fun Black Friday! I will - at home!

Michelle said...

Wow, that's quite a list. I've only had 5 cars in 13 years (I suppose that's not too bad, huh?).

My list is as follows:

1987 Honda Accord
1990 Cutlass Supreme
1993 Mercury Capri
1997 Chevy Camaro
2003 GMC Envoy

The Accord, Cutlass and Capri were all in the same year (1993, when I turned 16).

lattégirl said...

Mags, did you turn Murrican overnight?

So... just guessing here, but is the Explorer the new baby? If so, why were we treated to a cartoon clipart truck, instead of THE REAL THING?!!

Anonymous said...

I am not so much jealous of your new vehicle as I am envious of Skittles's 35 new books. :-p~~~~

masgblog said...

tg - maybe you and Skittles can get some sort of book club going. I read way too slow to be even remotely associated with such a venture.

lattegirl - ha ha. No digital pics of the new beast yet, and I was hoping to find a pic of this on the Web, but none of them have the full cap, so the wild reindeer will have to suffice for now.