Saturday, November 25, 2006

All Over My Head

As usual, the title is a Fleetwood Mac song (another brain worm, Skittles). The reason that I am writing about this, is because there is a noise. Actually, it is a scratching noise, above my head..... in the ceiling, which means that it is in the attic.

A little background.

This morning was me time. Time to visit some blogs, add links to my site, clean up things, check up on new stuff, try to finish my book......(soooo close too). While I was doing this, I heard a rustling sound. tchtchtchtchtcht. At first I thought it was a mouse, in MY room/office, rustling around in the recycle bin or in the closet. This thought was quickly abandoned, (A) since we have two kitties who would have batted the life out out of anything rustling anywhere in the house, and (B) I identified the sound as coming from the ceiling fan.

I froze. There is no other word for it. I am a big chicken when it comes to any strange being, who is not supposed to be there, inhabiting my space. I am not a fan of spiders, or earwigs, or mice, or rats, or anything else that you'd like to add.


Now, why it is always in MY room, I don't know. The same thing happened in our previous house. I had heard a noise, except that it was more of a heavy body walking over my head. thudthudthudthud.

It turned out to be a raccoon in the attic.

So now, I am sitting here, writing my little post, while this thing scratches it's little filthy claws into my attic floor. It's probably pooping up there too. eeeeyuuuu.

*waiting for the return call from the pest people*


Anonymous said...

Let's make wagers.

I say squirrel.

DirkStar said...


I'm wagering $100.00!

masgblog said...

...Pest control person has not called back yet. We could have been eaten or attacked by now!

Squirrel eh? Could be, but we don't know, but we do not have many squirrels here....and I could use $100 :-)

jeweledrabbit said...

Have you thought about asking the folks at the SPCA how you can get rid of whatever it is?

Barb said...

I love the way you describe the noises. I can almost see you doing the same thing with a mechanic.

Hope pest control calls back SOON.

(walking away singing Fleetwood Mac..)

Mike said...

I hope the "creepy" guy hasn't gotten a job at the pest control place lol. I hope you get rid of your unwelcome visitor soon. :)

DirkStar said...

So, the suspense is killing us...

What was it?

Jeni said...

I'm with you on not liking any of those types of critters you mentioned invading my space. Not at all! Have had mice and spiders along with the damnable ladybugs that really were thick as all get out a couple years running and almost impossible, it seemed to get rid of.

But the most unwelcome guests (using the term guest loosely there) have been an occasional bat (don't like them at all) and on one occasion, the guy who used to do almost all repair work needed on this old place for me, found a snakeskin on the ledge in the basement, directly behind the furnace!

Now that really freaked me out! Considering the guy who found it is generally quite an outdoorsman - hunter/fisherman, etc - what really surprised me though was that it scared him just as much as it did me! Although we were both quite relieved that it was only the "skin" and not the whole snake. But, that also had us both wondering were the owner went too!

masgblog said...

Still have not heard anything y probably don't work on Sunday. If we don't get a call back tomorrow, we'll end up calling again.

Still no tchtchtchtch all over my head.

Anonymous said...

We had some pretty pronounced skitterings over our heads this evening. I think it's either a single squirrel or an entire herd of mice.

masgblog said...

cunada ein - these poor little critters get cold and look for warmth....but eeeyyyuuuuu I don't like them over my head....or yours!