Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Today I have blanksheetitis. Yes, that's right, the dreaded blanksheetitis. I wanted to post something today. I even went to my little notepad where I store my ideas. I still managed to come up empty handed. I can't even write an update about the creature who lives above my head, because the pest control people have not called, and we were too busy to call them. The tchtchtchtch sound has not returned.

Well, at least, not the tchtchtchtch from above my head. There was one from inside my recycle bin though. It was in the shape of a feline Calico named CoCo, who wanted to be close by this morning, and so she decided that burrowing inside of my paper recycle bin would be a purrrrrfect idea. And so it was. Except that I didn't know that she was there, so when I started to hear the tchtchtchtch sound, I immediately thought that it was my friend from above.

Nope, still CoCo.

You can determine for yourself how content she was in this hovel.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Now I know who to blame for my blanksheetitis.

DirkStar said...

Great photo!

I have one like it of my kitty-boo, Kung Pao...

Thanks for your help today.

See how easy it is to share goodwill!

Jeni said...

Our cat about scared the ever lovin' crapola out of me night before last here!

I was seated at the computer - big surprise - about 2 in the a.m. - also my normal hours - right leg tucked under my butt and the left foot on the floor under my sweet but messy computer desk, just a typing away and suddenly I heard a bit of noise - thumping type, sort of, felt something strange around my foot, looked down as saw a black mass there and almost went into cardiac arrest really, until I realized it was the stupid cat. But where had she come from?

Finally figured it out - she had found a lovely little place to sleep under my computer desk on top of the big speaker for the computer which has several books stacked on top of it.

Great place for her to hide too when the little granddaughter decides to chase her! But, the dumb cat has no idea how lucky she is that I realized it was her before I started to scream and wake the house up or go get the broom and beat the living crap out of her!

Barb said...

See? You did find something to post about after all!!!

Barb said...

You've been TAGGED with the Five Christmas Songs MeMe!