Saturday, November 04, 2006

It's Meme Time

Mike, from Mike's Place, tagged me. Here is what you have to do (I'm a pro now):

1. Grab the nearest book. If you are currently reading something, that'll be fine too.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 4 sentences on your Blog along with these instructions.
5. Tag 5 people

The Taking by Dean Koontz
Indeed, when Molly considered the swiftness with which the usual order seemed to have given way to chaos, a jittering terror crawled the darker hallways of her mind. Could human civilization crumble significantly, worldwide, in a matter of hours, in but a quarter of a day, as suddenly as the planet itself might convulse if struck by an asteroid the size of Texas? If their as yet unseen adversary, come down from the stars, could topple centuries-old kingdoms and overturn all of history so swiftly, without meaningful resistance, then surely it was easy to foresee - and impossible to prevent - the eradication of every human life, in every low habitation and high redoubt on Earth, in just twenty-four hours,.

If the technology of a greatly advanced extraterrestrial race would seem like purest magic to any civilization a thousand years its inferior, then the masters of that technology would be as gods - but perhaps gods with enigmatic desires and strange needs, gods without compassion, without mercy, offering no redemption, no viaticum, and utterly unresponsive to prayer.

ME => Holy cow that last sentence was a doozy!!!!! Man!

To the following 5're it! (Happy Birthday, muffin!!):
Calabar Gal.
Mairin Verthandi,
Miss Daday,


Anonymous said...

Did I put in first dibs on that book when you're finished? Why, yes, I believe I did.

masgblog said...

tg - you did...

Mike said...

well done :)

Barb said...

Ok.. you just made me want to read it!!!!

This is the only MeMe I ever did where people I didn't tag are answering it in my comments! lol

masgblog said...

mike - thx! *phew*
barb - i thought I'd respond in one of your posts since you commented about the meme in my Alarming post. How do you like my new additions?

Unknown said...

Oh No!!! I've been pretending I didnt see this tag- meme at all from Barb's page. Now you've gone and tagged me too!! I though there'd be no more meme's for me. *Sigh*

Unknown said...

I love the countdown to xmas counter and would love to have one on my blog too but only if it states the correct days being counted. In my calculations, its 49 days to xmas so why does urs count 1767 days? I'm at my wits end. LOL