Friday, November 17, 2006

Chasing Cars

Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol was playing today and triggered a suitable post. It's about cars.

Now I have only owned three cars so far. The first was a Pontiac Phoenix, then a Sunbird, and now a Dodge Stratus. My Sweetie has had (not necessarily owned) a zillion cars, probably too numerous to mention, and it appears that he will be owning something different next week. I get dizzy when I think of how many different types of vehicles he has been privy to.

Now, I have always had an infatuation with cars...and motorcycles. It probably stems back to my childhood, where my Dad had a love of cars as well. He usually bought second hand cars, pre-owned jobbies, and they were all pretty neat. Then one day he had the idea that he wanted a new car, a brand spanking new car, never owned. I think it was a red Maverick that caught his fancy. I remember going to the showroom, and walking amidst the sparkle and glitter and new fandangled-ness of everything. I would peer into each car, and open the door, and wait to 'be permitted' to sit inside and dream of the one day where I would eventually get to own one of these babies. While I dreamed, my parents dealt with their own dream of the car, and the paperwork, and then the wait.

Til delivery day approached.

When the new red baby finally arrived, my Dad received a phone call from the dealer, but they didn't exactly say to come right down and pick it up. We later found out why. My Dad was too excited. He couldn't wait. He wanted to go down and see the flaming red engine. So we hopped in the jalopy to go and have a sneak peek...after hours, when the dealer was closed. We roamed around the lot until we finally found his car. It was red alright, but the windows were all smashed and the interior of the card was full of glass. We were later told that these things happen during shipment. Most people don't even know that. The dealer was aware that this had happened, hence the request for my Dad to not rush down right away. They didn't want him to see that.

*now I have to figure out how to put a music player on my site*......heh.


Michelle said...

Odd - that song is on my iPod RIGHT now. Hhmmm

Barb said...

You're right.. what a coincidence!!! The car I have now is the only car that has been completely mine. The others were owned by my ex. My mom gave me this car two years ago :) Like your Sweetie, Mike has probably had a zillion :)

Mike said...

I used to have a red Maverick also lol. You'd be surprised what happens to cars on the way to the dealers. I used to have a motorcycle also, but got rid of it. Oh well.

Barb said...

Back again to look at your sidebar! Yep.. I see changes :)

Shelby said...

don't know if I've heard that song- interesting... let me know if you figure out how to get a music player on the blog ... I wanna do that too..
have a great day!

Shelby said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! Where is Georgian Bay?
take care