Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas Tags (nyah another pun!)

I looked at the bottom of Skittles' post, and there was my blog I have been tagged ....yet again...not Christmas tags, at least not the kind of tags that go on gifties. I wish! Guess it's nice to be thought of though, so for that I am thankful.

So for this exercise, we need to name 5 of our fave Xmas songs and then tag approximately five of your favorite Christmas tunes and tag (at least) five of your favorite blog friends.

My Favorite Christmas Songs
  1. "Feed The World....Do They Know It's Christmas Time" (The big British tune)

  2. "The Little Drummer Boy"

  3. "Luleelula Thou Little Tiny Child" (I sang this when I was in a company choir)

  4. "Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire"

  5. "Rockin Around The Christmas Tree"

Now, Tag! You're next...please :-)

Calabar Gal.
Mairin Verthandi,

....and thank you.....


Mike said...

Good list, it seems to be the "tagging" season, I've been tagged twice today lol.

Jeni said...

For my part, I don't care for MEME's - mainly because I don't know enough about blogging to pass them on and also, they always tend to make my brain go deader than it normally is!

But - I noticed one thing on your responses - song number 3 - the actual name of that song is "Coventry Carol" - and like you, I first learned it when I was - ready for this now - organist and choir director at our church when I was a senior in high school. Yes, I was either the worst, or next to the worst anyway, organist too that poor church had ever seen! Did ok with the choir direction part though, thankfully!

Barb said...

Good job! I think blogger is having trouble.. took forever to get here. Sheesh!

lattégirl said...

Oh, wait til you see my list.

instant gratification girl said...

and since you are getting so good at this! I'm must tag you as well!
(you can thank Heather) ;)
pop over to my blog for the details!

terry said...

little drummer boy??? really???

oh man. i hate that song. i have friends who like to play it for me just to make me crazy...!

oh, hey! i've been tagged!

DirkStar said...

Keeping current I see...