Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My Sudoku

I was having a pretty special time, and decided to add something that I love to do (besides watch my neighbours and play newspaper Bingo).

You may have noticed on my sidebar My Current Sudoku. In addition to my other passions, I also adore Sudoku puzzles. In fact, I have a 365 day calendar full of them. The sidebar is an attempt to re-create one of those puzzles. Now I am still working on the table code, and this particular table came out to be pretty basic, and in need of work (my next project).

In case you are not familiar with Sudoku (and there are numerous sites that will explain more fully than I could ever hope to), the puzzle is made up of nine big squares. Within each of these squares is nine small squares. The idea is to insert the numbers 1 through 9 in each square. Easy right? Heh! Of course there's a trick. You cannot have the same number more than once in the same row or column,

The Sudoku pictured here is a level 2 (not the easiest, but certainly not the most difficult either).

Try it....you might like it



Jeni said...

Suduko baffles me but I dearly love crossword puzzles -not that I am a winner at them though, I just enjoy them.

By the way, just noticed your profile as I was typing this and it seems we have a couple things in common there - I do enjoy knitting and crochet, regular embroidery but can't for the life of me get counted cross stitch stuff to work out right for me! Maybe the fact I am virtually blind as a bat in one eye, can't see out of the other either (as my Grandma used to say) plus I am in dire need of new trifocals too has something to do with that. I also enjoy sewing at times - have to be in the mood completely for that though! And reading - need lots more time to do that so might have to reduce my computer time greatly to get caught up at all on the reading I'd like to do!

Give up the computer time? Did I really think that and type it? I must be sick! Or, perhaps I have gone insane to have typed that possibility!!!

lattégirl said...

Do we win a prize?

Barb said...

My brain is not geared toward numbers :)

Laughing at you watching your neighbors!

Mike said...

I like crossword puzzles more. I have tried these and don't seem to get past the basic ones lol. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Sis, since Mike wishes you Happy Thanksgiving, I say you and Mr. Sweetie head down to his place for Thanksgiving dinner. American. Thanksgiving.

masgblog said...

tg....you could be onto something there....hmmmm methinks I smell turkey.....