Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday's Feast - One Hundred and Sixty-Nine

Welcome to Feast One Hundred & Sixty-Nine
Friday, November 16th, 2007

Pull up a chair and dig in!
Friday's Feast is a meme of five questions
cooked up by the chef each and every week.

What was your first “real” job?
  • Um, I assume that first 'real' job means full time as opposed to student jobs or part time (are they considered phony jobs??? I certainly didn't think so at the time), so my first real job was with a major retailer, working in the catalogue office for the headquarters division. It was a great job and opened so many doors for me, places that I never thought I'd go.

  • Soup
    Where would you go if you wanted to spark your creativity?
  • My closet has a bounty of crafts. I can go through my oodles of yarn, or my stitching, and make things. My scrapbooking is all in the basement....another spot where creativity blossoms.

  • Salad
    Complete this sentence: I am embarrassed when…
  • I speak in public. I turn red like a tomato!

  • Main Course
    What values did your parents instill in you?
  • Be yourself. Tell the truth. Be polite. Be respectful. Don't speak unnecessarily.

  • Dessert
    Name 3 fads from your teenage years. (I am going to name more than 3...just because)
    1. Hula hoops

    2. Roller skates (the kind that strapped onto your shoe)

    3. Elephant pants

    4. Hot pants

    5. Go-go-boots

    6. Mini skirts

    7. and with that I have now totally dated myself...


    latt├ęgirl said...

    Speak the truth while being polite is always a fine line to tread, isn't it?

    Diplomacy: an art to be learned and continuously honed.

    Jeni said...

    Ah -yes, how true, how true on the difficulties we encounter in life.

    And, if you think you dated yourself with your fad remembrances, think how much that dates those of us who can recall other fads that came before those you mentioned -one that comes to mind for me -chemise -the dress I absolutely had to have and my Mom tried her absolute best to talk me out of it but I won. I wore it frequently for several years, just to prove her wrong!