Friday, November 23, 2007

When Commercials are Scarier Than TV Programs

Last night, Grey's Anatomy was on TV. Brilliant show. I adore this program, and last night was exceptional. I won't go into any details for the benefit of those who have not yet seen last night's episode, however, it was a cliffhanger (and disturbing to the nerves).

Somewhat equally disturbing to the nerves is a set of Workperson's Comp ads. These are downright frightful. I know what you're going to say. They're supposed to frighten you. But these are, in my opinion, over the top.

There is one ad in particular, which depicts a lady working in a restaurant who slips on a greasy floor, and is badly injured after being burned.

I was left shaking when I first saw this ad, and it still upsets me whenever I see it.

What's the purpose of having an ad if you can't bear to watch it?

I guess I have to use Mau control and switch to another station.


Anonymous said...

Thankfully I haven't seen that commercial. I hope that I never do.

Jeni said...

Trust me when I tell you this - restaurants -especially the back of the house - are extremely dangerous places at times, or they can be! It's difficult enough to try to teach employees to be cautious but made even more so difficult when often management refuses to acknowledge and correct the issues that often exist. I know from personal experience - injuries to myself - and also, from seeing many different things befall workers I had to supervise too. The Workman's Comp in the US, while helpful to have, often doesn't regard these injuries in the correct manner either, thus complicating a lot of situations then too. Better to watch something in a commercial than have to see it -or worse, experience it - in real life!

Barb said...

What is this thing you call a TV? LOL!

Guess what? Give up? You won the caption contest!!! Come see your prize. Bring Sweetie with you. (Wink.)

latt├ęgirl said...

I just saw the commercial for the first time. You're right, it's horrendous. And I don't think I'd want to watch it again.