Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chasing Cars Revisited

In Chasing Cars and Chasing Cars (The Sequel) I talked about my love of cars and how many cars this household has had over the years.

How many cars you might ask? Lots....countless...and come December 15th, we will have yet another new vehicle in the driveway.

Now, it's not like there was a list of vehicles to choose from. That would have been too easy. My Sweetie examined all of the possibilities, and then came up with a short list which were considered to be the best in certain areas.

The hunt began there. This was not an untiring hunt.

There are countless vehicles out there these days. There are cars. There are trucks. There are SUVs. There are CUVs. You can assume that we saw them all, and in some cases, we saw some more than once...or twice.

Some have the best safety features. Some have the most add-ons. Some are the most fuel efficient. I guess that's what makes it most confusing and difficult to decide.

How is a person supposed to get the best bang for the buck? Good question.

We looked at many aspects....comfort, fuel efficiency, environmentally friendly, size, sun-roof, heated leather seats (not kidding).

In the end we made a choice that we feel is a smart choice. If you checkout my sidebar, you'll see my countdown to the arrival of the new babe.


Barb said...

That doesn't look like a Ford.

*Tapping foot*

It's beautiful :)

latt├ęgirl said...

Cool! Congrats on the purchase.

What is a CUV? Haven't heard of that, yet.

I also wanted to mention, off topic, how much I adore "Squeaky" up there. The way he tilts his head downwards is SO CUTE!