Sunday, November 11, 2007


My favourite Aunt Helen had met a handsome Air Force man, Albert.

They married, and not very long after, he went overseas to fight in World War II.

He never came back. If he had, he would have been my uncle.

He is buried somewhere in France.



Jeni said...

So, did the aunt marry someone else?

Also - I don't know if I am capable enough of figuring out how to enlarge a knitted pattern, but what the heck -might be able to give it a try anyway. I had hoped to start work on the mitten thing but some other things got in my way - like fighting with my computer trying to get a paid post done and accepted and I can't figure out what the heck my error is on the dadblasted thing! Plus - slower than slow dial-up yesterday and today too. BTW -sometimes, if I respond to your e-mails, they get returned, sometimes they go through ok - just confusing to me is all.

masgblog said...

hi jeni, yes, she remarried, and her daughter, my cousin, are bestest friends.