Thursday, November 08, 2007

BJ's Update: The Day After the Big Snow

Hi! It's me, BJ, the cat!

Yesterday, our little city got the first dumping of pre-winter snow....real snow....heavy snow. You've already seen the pictures that My Mom posted. Just like Halloween, you can well imagine where I was during that event. I was in my favourite hidey spot in the basement. There was absolutely no way that I was going to be anywhere near My Mom during any of this.

I don't like snow, or any wet stuff for that way. There was no way that I was going to be going outside on the patio. Uh uh. I much preferred to watch things from inside.

Now, I do recall seeing my Mom outside, digging through the piles of snow that had fallen, so deep that they covered the tops of her boots. Her face was getting pretty red too!

At the end of the day, the snow had finally stopped (oh don't started up again today). My Mom and I cuddled in the basement and watched some TV.

Some poeple say there is no global warming. Some people say that our seasons are just changing. Whatever it is, I certainly hope that my world stays together somehow.

Meoooow to my fellow felines!

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Unknown said...

Hey BJ! It's me again! Your "cousin" Harrison. So - you guys got some of that wonderful white stuff. Wish we had - but no... just a few flakes here and there - nothing to snuffle at. I love that wet white stuff - I know it gets into my fur and my parents have to dry me off everytime I roll around in it - but I love the extra attention anyway! But we do have one thing in common - nothing beats cuddling up with my mom and watching TV (I especially love those FIDO ads!!)

Global warming? Not sure I know what that is - my world consists of a big country house - and it's warm enough already.....

Love talking to you but now I have to bug my Mom for some kibble doesn't she know that its time???