Monday, November 12, 2007

Wait versus Weight?

The other day, I was at the store to purchase a welcome home balloon for My Sweetie (another tradition).

The following conversation took place:

ME: I'd like to buy a Welcome Home balloon.
SALES PERSON: Okay, no problem. That will be xx dollars.
ME: Okay.
SALES PERSON: Do you wanna weight? It's 2 dollars extra.
ME: Yes, I'd like to wait.
(I'm a little surprised that there is a cost to wait for the balloon).

ME: There's a cost for that?
SALES PERSON: Yeah, well, the weight is extra.
(I am still confused, but I wanted to wait for the balloon to be ready).

In the meantime, I find a little Gund reindeer to which the balloon can be attached. I bring it to the balloon person, who attaches it.

SALES PERSON: So instead of the weight, you're buying the animal?
ME: Yes.
(by now, my doh moment arrives, and I realize what was happening).

Happy Monday!


Jeni said...

So, was the weight(wait) worth it? Too doggone funny though!

latt├ęgirl said...

Lol @ Jeni.

Stole the words from my mouth.

Um... do you think the staff there are just a wee tad bit overly trained in the corporate speakese, e.g. not really thinking about the customer?