Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Reality TV Recap

Okay, I missed doing this last Saturday because I was immersed in setting up this new template. So let's pretend that it's Saturday and have Reality TV Recap.

*post may contain spoiler info, in case you haven't seen any of last week's shows.

The Bachelor

The Bachelor came to a close last night, and the audience was treated to a dose of (ahem) reality when the Bachelor DID NOT PICK one of the 2 remaining ladies!!! In some ways, it does not surprise me, and I wondered why he chose the selected final two.

So DeAnna (pronounced DayAhna)
and Jenni (pronounced Jenni).
were both sent home sobbing in stretch limousines. This particular round of the The Bachelor didn't do much for me. While he was attractive, and rich, he was also a bit of a dud. So tonight is the ever famous 'after the final rose' show, where both ladies have their final slugfest at poor Brad. Let's hope the next round is better.

America's next Top Model

Ambreal went home last week. I liked her, but didn't like the attitude. Too much too handle. The show is now down to the final 6 (I made a booboo last week when I said last week was the final 6...I stand corrected...by myself).

I still like Heather. She is cracking with the pressure, but she is still my fave so far. Go Heather!

Survivor: China
mmmm Frosti (makes me think of that Wendy's® drink) went home after the tribe had spoken. Too bad. Frosti was a cool dude.

The tribe is still gunning for double immunity holder James, Gravedigger James, who I continue to root for. It's going to be very difficult for the tribe to get rid of hime, and he stands a very good shot at winning the million dollars.

The Amazing Race
The Amazing Race 12 is as exciting as ever. Throw 12 teams with assorted (or is that sordid) personalities, in a race around 5 continents, and it makes for one heckuva great show. The married lesbian ministers went home as did the 2 sisters. It's kind of hard to get sentimental about any of the teams at this point, since they were hardly around much.

Dancing with the Stars
In the past, this show never really grabbed me. I would start to watch it, but then would get increasingly bored. Not so this time. I have been following each week, and am quite enjoying the dancing. My least fave right now is Jennie Garth, but Yay Marie! Yay MelB! Yay Helio!

Beauty and the Geek

This show is just entertaining in a sordid kind of way. There are three couples remaining. The couple displayed in this post is Will and Jenn, the underdog couple. They haven't gotten along since the start of the show (which is surprising since the couples are urged to try and get along), but they keep winning somehow. They possess (or are possessed) some sort of teamwork that gets them through. Perhaps they will end up winning????

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