Thursday, November 01, 2007

BJ's Update: The Day After Halloween

Hi! It's me, BJ, the cat!

First of all, I’d like to send out a big meooooow to my fellow furry readers, be they canine or feline (the latter being my preference of course). ….you know who you are.

Yesterday was Halloween. You can well imagine where I was during that hallowed event. I was in my favourite hidey spot in the basement. There was absolutely no way that I was going to be anywhere near any of that activity.

Now, I knew that something was up a couple of days ago. My Mom was hauling out two plastic bins, and was sorting through orange and black things, and hanging things, both inside and outside the house. This reminds me of moving day, another day that I despise, and my first clue to disappear.

Then, last night, there was a lot of activity around the house, and then my folks dressed up in funny clothes and wigs. I was totally embarrassed, and decided that the basement was for me.

Even downstairs, I could hear the main floor sounds. I could hear the footsteps on the patio steps, and the knocking on the door (thank goodness nobody rang the doorbell!). The words….”“Trick or Treat”. “I like your costume”. “That’s a nice spider”. “Oh, goodie bags”.

Over and over and over. The same words…..argh! It was driving me crazy!

This nonsense went on for about 2 ½ hours. I waited to see if the noise had indeed stopped (or maybe I just fell asleep). In any case, when I felt that the coast was clear, and I could finally escape from my hidey spot, I decided to join My Mom on her lap, and we both watched America’s next Top Model.



lattégirl said...

ROCK ON, dudes! Peace and love!

Unknown said...

Hey BJ! Harrison here! I wasn't scared of those cute kids last night - I just sat there in front of the door and greeted them all with my waggy tail! I sort of was hopping one of them would drop something on the floor for me, but no - they all left with their goodies, and all I had was boring old kibble. I did get a lot of compliments though - I could tell they were talking about me because my parents were always looking at me and nodding. Too bad my hearing is gone - but it's amazing how well I can read people - especially my parents. Hope to hear from you soon, even if you are a cat- I guess family is family.

Jeni said...

Cool pair of hipsters you got there B.J.! I'm stuck here with some dippy old lady, a kind of youngish couple and three kids - a teen-type, and two little ones who sometimes pull my tail. From Gracie, the queen of Down River Drivel's abode and also, Nina, the little orange brat-cat who chases me around and won't leave me sleep in peace!