Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Reality of TV Land

Lately, I haven't talked much about my favourite reality TV shows. Last night, however, I had an opportunity to share my enthusiasm with a fellow reality TV follower.

So what follows is my rundown of my favourite reality shows and my top picks for outcomes.

The Bachelor
This year it's been all about Brad, and tomorrow night it is down to the final 3 (ahem) ladies - Bettina, Deanna and Jenny. My favourite, Sheena, left last week, so now I am rooting for Bettina. We'll see I guess.

Beauty and the Geek
This is a cute little psychological twister of a show. The idea behind it is the following: 9 female beauties (and not particularly intelligent) are paired up with 9 male geeks (very intelligent but oh so geeky). As the show progresses, the challenges push the geeks into social situations where they are normally not comfortable, and pushes the beauties to challenge their minds. The winning couple, usually, is the couple who has changed the most, for the better of course. This year there was a little twist...a male beauty and a female geek formed the 10th and final couple.

America's next Top Model
I love Tyra!!! I love Jan Manuel!!
Now that I got that out of my system, we are down to 8 girls. Ebony made her exit...finally. I like many of the girls this year, but I particularly like Heather.

Survivor: China
Oh my. Jamie got voted out, and she thought she had found the hidden immunity idol (all she found was a piece of wood with a carving on it). Jean Robert. the professional poker player, is still there. They better watch it!

The Amazing Race
Tonight The Amazing Race 12 begins. Should be a good one.......stay tuned!!

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latt├ęgirl said...

They make a huge deal of Heather's Asperger's, but she's got consistently good photos.

Jay Manuel is kinda emasculated on ANTM. He rarely gets to speak his mind, but does so more on CNTM. The other Ms. J has simply become a joke -- who can take him seriously anymore? He's supposed to be a runway coach. Hah.

Tyra... well, Tyra is turning into Oprah, and she's already lost me.