Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A New Routine (or An Old Rut?)

It's a new year. 2007. For many people this means resolutions, promises, and high hopes, all waiting patiently, and doomed to be broken. For me, it's not so much about resolutions, but more about routine (not rut). Probably a similar routine, but an improved version. We live in a world of routine. Routine - 'a regular course of action'. Or, same stuff, different day. This year will probably be much like last year, but then again, I can't really know that for sure, since my crystal ball isn't focused like that.

This year's routine has already begun. The work routine (darn alarm clock). The WW routine (starving already). The gym routine (it will hurt to get out of bed tomorrow morning). The taking-down-the-decorations routine (*sniff*). See? What did I tell you? Same old same old. But that's okay. Sometimes a routine is a good thing, especially if that routine is a tried and true good routine. I like to think that some of my routine is tried and true. Why ruin a good thing?

Now, 2007 also promises a few sure things. Come August 7th, My Sweetie and I will be married to each other for 25 years. That is kind of an accomplishment in this day and age, at least that is what people keep exclaiming when they hear how long we've been married...to the same person. In fact, whenever we tell people how long we've been married, first they pass out in shock, wondering if we were 7 years old when we got married, and then they exclaim how big of an accomplishment this really is. So I guess it is. This probably calls for some sort of milestone celebration (have a party, buy a boat, take a trip, buy a boat, diamonds, buy a boat, diamonds). You can see where I am going with this.

2007 is probably also the year that we install a powder room in the basement. The rough-in is already there, but there will be finishing work required. So, we'll have to see about this one, but it sure would be nice.

Like it or not, 2007 is here, loaded with hopes and dreams and plans.

Let's make the best of it. OK? It might turn out to be a can of worms, or it could turn out to be something really really great.

So, what's it gonna be? Rut or routine?

Keep smiling.


Nikki Neurotic said...

25 years is quite an accomplishment...so that's something great to look forward to in the year.

terry said...

25 years! wow. you really do need to do something big to celebrate that. few couples get anywhere close to that milestone.