Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Post Christmas Shopping

Usually, and not just on Boxing Day, I can pick up any number of gitchy Christmas thingies to put away for next year's decorating extravaganza. This can go on for, literally, weeks after Christmas. I can always find a little Santa or an angel. Maybe some rolls of Christmas paper, Tree balls. Whatever my little eye might take a liking to. It's always a thrill, too, to be able to pick up something that you think you got a 'deal' on and lug it home to meet the other tchotchkies.

Not so this year. This year I haven't seen much of anything Christmasy left over anywhere.

The pickings have been picked. The remnants have been remnanted. The herd has been through the fields and have plucked every last ornament from the face of the earth.

No balls (AdSense beware), no reindeer, nothink, nada, nitchky!

So, what am I to do? Well, for one, I'll save $$$. Two, I probably didn't really need anything anyway. I would simply have been a shopping pawn in the big retail sideshow, helping the big guys to lessen their inventory. So, this year, I came out the winner (My Sweetie will be happy about that).

So far.

You see, Pier 1 usually has their place settings on sale after Christmas. I had been looking at them before Christmas, but the prices were too rich (like $9 dineros a plate....yikes!). So, maybe, just maybe, I will stumble through their front door one of these days to see if they have their BIG SALE on.

Who knows? They might even have a few Christmasy thingies hiding somewhere....waiting in the wings.

p.s. - For something a little different, while searching the proper spelling of tchotchkies, I stumbled on the following site HBML Fresh Garbage

UPDATE!!!! Yippee!!! I was FINALLY able to find something considered Christmas clearance ---- a 4-piece Christmas cookie cutter set for 69 cents (who cares that I don't bake) AND a 16 month calendar for 2007 for $1.89.......I struck it big this time!! Woo Hoo!


JMai said...

Oooh I love Pier 1. Of course I have no room whatsoever in my home to stuff new non-essentials like holiday place settings. So perhaps it's a good thing that I'm under the weather and can barely stand to get out of bed, let alone SHOP!

Still, I did shop a wee bit just after Christmas and other than my usual Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale jubilee, I didn't find much worth waiting on line for. Huh.

Maybe everyone was SO Christmassy this year, that they bought all there was to buy before it could go on super-after-holiday sale.

Mike said...

All I know is that Lowe's had very little Christmas stuff when I went there last Saturday. Of course, I wasn't there for that anyway lol.

jeweledrabbit said...

Tchotchkies. Love that word. :-)

terry said...

i love pier 1 too! i've found some amazing stuff there during their post-holiday sales...

Nikki Neurotic said...

I haven't really seen a whole lot either. I was just saying to my mom that I should have looked a bit after Christmas for some non breakable tree ornaments to buy for my job as we really didn't have a whole lot but I guess it wouldn't have mattered too much anyway.

Jeni said...

After Christmas sales, end of season of any type sales too - always some of my favorite times to shop if possible.

Don't you just LOVE the Bushisms calendar though? My daughter got me one of the desk calendars of Bushisms for Christmas and I've been citing them - way ahead of the date intended - on my blog for the past week now! Wonderful, wonderful!

DirkStar said...

Thanks for the link.

I'm honored!

I noticed by the number of friends we have in common that you are very particular in your choices.

Thank you, I am truly honored.