Sunday, January 07, 2007

Weekend Mornings

Weekend mornings are the best (and holiday mornings too). On the weekend, I like to laze around a bit in my jammies, and have a quiet breakfast, read my latest magazines, have a second cup of tea, give treats to the kitties, sit on the couch for a bit (of course with a certain CoCo on my lap), update my tracker.

It's quiet around here at that time. No one is really up and moving yet, and it's not really the season for mowing the lawn (although you wouldn't know it judging by the springlike weather that we've been having lately!).

That little routine is what I look forward to come Friday night. It's wind down time. Settle down time. Peace time. Time to recharge the batteries for another work week.

Now, I was talking to a lady who is retired, who said that everyday is like a weekend. In other words, the weekends are the same as the weekdays. Right now I can't grasp that concept, except that I hope that when (if) I ever get to retire, that I'll still be able to separate the weekends from the weekdays. To keep them special.

Here's to a restful rest of weekend!


Jeni said...

Being of an age where I could be "retired" but also having some health issues that have me qualified to be disabled, most every day is the same to me with the exception being Sunday - mainly because I am addicted to the Sunday newspaper and the crossword puzzle it holds! If I don't do my blog thing before I dig into the paper, the blog might go on hold for the whole day!

the shrewness said...

i absolutely agree. i try to have a lazy sunday as much as i can.

relax and get ready for the week coming up!

terry said...

i loooooove lazing around on weekend mornings.

who am i kidding? it's almost 1pm and i'm still in my jammies!

latt├ęgirl said...

Most of the time I have to remind myself what day it is, since I work from home. But the weekends are special because I know I don't HAVE to get up early and most likely won't get any work-related or disagreeable phone calls!

Pepper said...

I had to constantly remind myself what day it was when I stopped working. Now I can keep it fairly straight.

Enjoy your restful weekend.

jeweledrabbit said...

We've been having spring-like weather in my city too. It's unheard of for this time of year.

Nikki Neurotic said...

My weeks are inverted, during the weekends I work...and I work nights so the morning is when I sleep...I get home from work and catch up on a few things online (check email, read a few blogs) then I sleep until 2 or 3.

Mike said...

Now that I am back to work, it takes pretty much the whole weekend for me to get recharged and recoup. When I was off on my medical leave it seemed like everyday was like a Saturday. I look forward to retiring lol.