Monday, January 29, 2007

Manic Monday - #1 - Cruising

Manic Monday Word for Monday January 29, 2007:


I found this at Skittles' Place (where else?). For this week's Manic Monday, I chose to represent Cruising as a picture, since this is what we do as soon as Spring arrives. Enjoy!

p.s. - there were 42 sailboats in this particular raftup, and we were part of it.... somewhere....


What is Manic Monday?
A multi-blogger meme, in the spirit of Wordless Wednesday, Thursday 13, Friday Feast, and Photo Hunters Saturday.

How to participate?
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Use one of the definitions to inspire your Manic Monday Post (perhaps a photograph, a story, a joke, or a stream of consciousness paragraph inspired by the word).

Be creative, and have fun with it.

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Unknown said...

Hi, I came over from the Bloggers Over 50 blogroll. This meme looks like fun. Your picture is a great rep of the theme...slow style.

Unknown said...

me again. Your link to Free Cross Stitch Patterns is incomplete.

Unknown said...

That´s a great picture. I´d love to take part in a sailboat-cruise someday. I have never done it but my parents in law used to do it for ages in Mallorca, Spain.

Mo and The Purries said...

That was a great pic for 'cruising' -- what an adventure!
Thanks for participating in our first Manic Monday and for posting the information - I appreciate it!

Jeni said...

Really terrific photo of the boats! I've never been on a sailboat - some other boats owned by friends who were big fans of boating on the Chesapeake Bays in my younger years and I loved that so I would imagine to be able to be in a sailboat would be even more exhilarating!

crpitt said...

Sorry i got to yours late! came via skittles directing me to your lovely post about her! I love the photo, i have always wanted to try sailing, but i get sea sick!lol!