Monday, January 29, 2007

Skittles Isn't Just A Candy

Nah uh. It's not just a candy. Skittles means something else to me.

Skittles refers to Skittles' Place, one of the first blogs where I ventured out of my comfort zone, and went to visit and dared to leave a comment. This probably triggered a new friendship for us, a long distance friendship, but one where we actually spoke on the phone. In this crazy world of the Internet, I felt comfortable enough giving her my number to call.

My instincts prevailed. I'm glad they did, and they were positive.

We'd talk about HTML or blog themes, or maybe we'd bounce a few ideas around, or solicit opinions about our blogs. And I knew that when I heard ''s Barb', that it would be fun.

I hope she continues to call every once in awhile.

Skittles is part of my morning routine. There are a few blogs (I can count them on one hand) that I must visit each and every morning. Hers is one of them.

My routine won't be quite the same now I suppose.

Skittles also seemed to value what I wrote. I am not a famous author or writer, by any means, but I guess I stirred something in her, because she felt something worthy in what I wrote to nominate me for one of the Bestest Blogs of the Day. I don't think she really knew how surprised/stunned/thrilled,and scared I really was. My self esteem had a place now, and I wanted to make sure that I could live up to expectations.

I hope that I have.

I am sad today, because my Skittles has announced that she needs to take a break. Mind you, it's a well deserved break. That lady blogs full-tilt. She's like the Tilt-A-Whirl ride at the amusement park. She's like the Ever-Ready Bunny that just keeps going and going. It takes much time and effort to hunt and search for the information that she acquires, and she always, always shares it with all of us. It's like she blogs for herself but also for us.

But she's had a lot of stuff going on lately, and that has probably taken a wee bit of a toll on her, so a break (hopefully a wee break) is on the menu.

Come back soon, skit, but I hope that you manage to find a way to keep blogging a part of your life rather than your whole life, a life that includes blogging.

I'll miss you....
Your Bud


jeweledrabbit said...

I'll miss her too. I hope she doesn't stay away too long.

Barb said...

"Hi.. it's me Barb." That was so sweet. You made me miss myself :) I won't be gone too long. You're right. We be buds!

Nikki Neurotic said...

I was quite bummed yesterday when I read the news...Skittles Place is also a "daily" thing for me so I'm with you in hoping that her break is a short one.

jeweledrabbit said...

Hi, mas. Just checking in to give you a greeting. :-)

Jeni said...

Skittles Place was also one of my first visits when I started blogging but the past two weeks or so, I had to stop reading her blog because my lovely old, rickety computer -even after I downloaded firefox so I could access her blog - started to freeze up when I would attempt to access her words of wisdom.

So Barb - since I am getting a new (yes, brand new) computer next Tuesday, will a week's break from blogging be enough time for you to do a little R&R? Because I was really looking forward to being able to read your blog once I got the new computer in, up and running!

Take care Barb and thanks Mau too for the information. You both do a great job with your blogs!