Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday's Feast - One Hundred and Twenty Five

Friday, January 5, 2007
Feast One Hundred & Twenty-Five
Which celebrity (or celebrities) do you think will make headlines this year?
  • Prince William (he's a celebrity to me!)

  • Soup
    They say that good things come in small packages? What is something little that you think is great?
  • One of the Christmas gifts that I received.

  • Salad
    Name a song that makes you want to dance.
  • Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones (and the dance version used in BodyPump is most excellent too)

  • Main Course
    What is your favorite font?
  • Comic Sans

  • Dessert
    If you were to write a do-it-yourself article, what would it be about?
  • How to get and stay organized.

    Barb said...

    Do you think Prince William will maybe get married this year?

    Thanks for dinner. *burp* :)

    Hootin Anni said...

    Oh it would be super to read something about William...instead of our USA celebs. I get tired of reading about them, and the tabloids as I mention at my feast are soooo hokey!!

    Have a great day

    Paperback Writer said...

    I think we all need a diy article about organization!

    Nichole said...

    Mmmm... Prince William...

    Unknown said...

    Oh, I ate myself full. Thanks for serving this *yummy* feast!

    P.S.: It is served a little late, but please nibble my feast - Thanks a lot =)

    Anonymous said...

    Ooh, I love Prince William :)

    Unknown said...

    Satisfaction makes me want to strut rather than dance. Or does strutting still count as dancing?

    Mike said...

    A good feast. :)

    Pepper said...

    As soon as you write the article on getting organized send it to me.

    Good post.