Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Christmas Leftovers

Everybody has leftovers, well, not me, not really. We have no leftover turkey or dressing. The decorations are all organized and stored away until next year. The outdoor lights are still up, but they're not turned on anymore. Boring huh?

A little I guess.

Leftovers don't only have to be food either. They can be any little thing that is leftover from Christmas. Maybe you left a Christmas stocking hanging in the bathroom (what the heck was it doing there in the first place is what I want to know?). Maybe you left Santa's plate of food at the fireplace (geeross!). Maybe it's a forgotten Christmas candle. It could be anything.

You know the familiar ones. The guy who leaves his expensive fancy lighted reindeer up all winter. Or the trees with the pretty white lights that are still on timer in July.

One of our neighbours left his outdoor holly tied to his patio railing until June. The birds were getting confused and thought that this was a very cool nesting area.

When we were going to visit our last house (before we had bought it), the owners had Christmas wreaths hanging up on the doors.

It was April.

The best one that I can recall was again, a neighbour. These guys were hardly ever home. They were usually out of the country working to make a living. The Christmas tree was set up and decorated very early. It was a beauty (we could see it through their front living room window). Then, in May, we were driving past and noticed that there was this tree shape in the front window. The fully decorated tree was still sitting proudly in the front window.

I don't know. The old rule that we tend to follow is to put the tree up in December and get it all down before January 6th (can't be too superstitious you know).



Jeni said...

Hmmm. I've never lived in Canada, never worked outside the U.S., so the neighbor's tree still up in May couldn't have been mine. Oh yeah, also our tree was in the corner, not in front of the window too!
But, I did, one year, 1999. it was, leave the tree up from one Christmas to the next! I was working two jobs, to the tune of anywhere from 70-90 hours a week from Jan. thur Mar., so I didn't, legitimately, have time to take it down. Then in April, when my older daughter suggested to the younger daughter that she would give her $20 to take the tree down for me and the younger one refused to do it, I decided to hell with it, I'm not doing it for free either then. So it stayed up. By mid-summer, my grandson asked his mother why did Grammy still have a Christmas tree up and her response to him was "Don't even ask!" Of course, the fact I was also severely depressed that year too may have played into the reasons I couldn't find the time to do it. But by the following Christmas, it was great - tree was already up, decorated and saved me lots of time digging stuff out of the attic, etc., etc.
Sometimes things work out better than you think they might.

Pepper said...

Have you heard of the song "Redneck Woman?"

Now they are putting trees up before Thanksgiving.

Great post.