Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Kiddies and Expensive Toys

Kids have some pretty expensive toys these days. I remember when I was little, and computers were not even on the radar screen. Well, okay, maybe in books, but not in reality. Now, we don't have kiddies, but we are certainly not immune as to what kids occupy themselves with. When I look around at what kids play with today, it sometimes astounds me. There are ads everywhere for expensive computer gadgets, games, and gizmo's. Almost each and every teen that I see has an iPod strapped to their head. Where we live, little kids have their very own ATVs...very cute...very expensive.

But yesterday, while on my way to the gym, something caught my beady little eye. A young girl, about 12 years old, was playing with a white plastic abandoned baby high chair. The high chair first appeared on the top of a large snow bank (because we now have A LOT OF SNOW here now). What was more disturbing was the guilty look on the girl's face when my car drove around the corner. It was like first she was playing with the object, then spotted me, and moved away from the chair and toward our back fence.

I didn't get a good vibe I tell you. Maybe she was embarrassed to be seen playing with the chair? I don't know.

But, something else was running through my head. What if someone was going to place that chair beside our fence, climb onto it, and then climb over the fence....maybe attempt to break in...maybe attempt to steal something from the back yard (although there is not much there to steal, for sure). This bothered me all the way to the gym, and then last night as well.

Today, I was taking action. I was Captain Marvel. I went out to shovel THE SNOW a bit, and fetch the mail, but my main thought was to check out where that chair had been moved to.

Sure enough. Just as I thought. It was now on top of a huge SNOW BANK right beside our fence. So, I did what any good citizen would do. I snatched it up, and placed it in the garage. We'll bring it over to the dump at some point.

At least now I feel better now. The ratty old thing is in MY garage, and NOBODY can creep into MY backyard....right?


latt├ęgirl said...

HA! You thwarted a young hoodlum!

Are you sure you want to live in Barrie still, what with all the broken bicycles being trashed by boys and girls climbing over your fence?


Berni said...

Hi over there in Ontario. You guys needed some snow you have got winter easy so far this year.I have about 16ft of the stuff outside my back door anybody who wants to break in would have to climb up and then ski downhill first. LOL

jeweledrabbit said...

You were smart to listen to your gut instincts. I'm glad you got to the chair in time. :-)

Barb said...

You've had more than your share of creepy experiences! If the chair is in good condition, maybe you could donate it somewhere?

Jeni said...

I think you're right on both subjects you discussed in this post - expensive toys for kids and people attempting to do things that aren't kosher and could result in theft or damages to your property. Better to err on the side of being safe.

masgblog said...

lattegirl - we luv it here...stuff like this happens everywhere, no matter where you live (and no one actually climbed over the evidence of footprints in our abundance of backyard snow)

Mairin - right on!

skit - the chair was broken and should have been pitched.

jeni - right on!

masgblog said...

vic grace - keep the snow coming!!!

Anonymous said...

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