Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday's Feast - One Hundred and Forty-Two

Welcome to Feast One Hundred & Forty Two
Friday, May 4th, 2007

Pull up a chair and dig in!
Friday's Feast is a meme of five questions
cooked up by the chef each and every week.

Name something you would not want to own.
  • There are many things I would not want to own.....a snake, an SUV, a gun.

  • Soup
    Describe your hair (texture, color, length, etc.).
  • Texture=thick. Color=varies, but mostly brownish with highlights. Length=also varies (currently trying to grow it somewhat)

  • Salad
    Finish this sentence: I’ll never forget ___________.
  • Anything (I have the memory of an elephant).

  • Main Course
    Which famous person would you like to be for one day? Why?
  • I'd love to be Ellen DeGeneres for just one day. She is such a hoot, and so comfortable with her audience. She makes her audience feel comfortable with her too.

  • Dessert
    Write one sentence about yourself that includes one thing that is true and another thing that is not.
  • I plan on getting my motorcycle licence and riding my Harley Davidson to Florida.

    Michelle said...

    Great main course, I love Ellen's show. Enjoy your dessert!!

    Joseph C. Harris said...

    Great Feast. My feast is now up.

    Nikki Neurotic said...

    Oh, a motorcycle. One of my friends at works has a cycle and she goes down to a bike convention in FL every year.

    latt├ęgirl said...

    Good feast!

    A snake? Join the club!

    And Ellen Degeneres? I adore her.

    Jeni said...

    Great feast! Gotta agree with you on the snake and Ellen DeGeneres too. The motorcycle sounds like it could be a fun trip but for me, I'd rather have an RV to ride in!

    Joseph C. Harris said...

    My dessert answer is now up.

    Scribbit said...

    I love that you put SUVs, snakes and guns in the same grouping :)

    Anonymous said...

    Wehr iz U?